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devel / comp.arch.fpga / Re: Open source Verilog BCH encoder/decoder

o Re: Open source Verilog BCH encoder/decoderMuhammad Tariq

Re: Open source Verilog BCH encoder/decoder


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Subject: Re: Open source Verilog BCH encoder/decoder
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 by: Muhammad Tariq - Thu, 16 Nov 2023 05:50 UTC

On Monday, June 23, 2014 at 3:35:52 AM UTC-5, Russell Dill wrote:
> As part of my research, I needed a BCH encoder/decoder engine. Sadly, such a thing has no existed under a permissive license. Even more depressing is that many students seem to submit Verilog or VHDL engines as a project (or even research), but never release anything that is usable.
> Anyway, I'm releasing a BSD licensed Verilog BCH encoder/decoder. It offers:
> * Parallel input/output
> * Modular components that can be shared across multiple decoders
> * Automatic selection of BCH parameters based on data size and errors to be corrected
> * Specialized error locators for 1 error and 2 error codes
> * Parallel or serial error polynomial generator for codes with 2 or more errors
> I'm releasing this under BSD because I'd like to see the code used as widely as possible, but I'd still like to get feedback and hopefully improvements merged back in.
> As an example, a decoder for a 512 byte data block that corrects up to 12 errors with an 8 bit wide input and an 8 bit wide output currently occupies 1635 slices and operates at up to 191 MHz on a Virtex-6 LX240T-3. Such a decoder would take input for 532 clock cycles (512 data bytes, 20 ecc bytes), calculate for about 28 clock cycles, and then produce output for 512 clock cycles.
> The code currently compiles on Icarus Verilog (latest git) and Xilinx XST/Isim (tested with 14.5).

Hi Russell, Are you interested in a small project around FPGA: if yes, is it possible to have a phone or email conversation with you?

devel / comp.arch.fpga / Re: Open source Verilog BCH encoder/decoder


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