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devel / comp.lang.functional / Call for Participation, Functional Software Architecture (Sep 8, Seattle)

o Call for Participation, Functional Software Architecture (Sep 8, Seattle)Michael Sperber

Call for Participation, Functional Software Architecture (Sep 8, Seattle)


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Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme,comp.lang.functional,comp.lang.dylan
Subject: Call for Participation, Functional Software Architecture (Sep 8, Seattle)
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 by: Michael Sperber - Wed, 26 Jul 2023 13:17 UTC



The First ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
Functional Software Architecture - FP in the Large

8th September 2023, Seattle, Washington, USA
Co-located with ICFP 2023



The ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional Software Architecture - FP
in the Large aims to disseminate and enable the use of functional
programming in the large and long-lived software projects.

We specifically want:

- To assemble a community interested in software architecture
techniques and technologies specific to functional programming;

- To identify, categorize, and document topics relevant to
the field of functional software architecture;

- To connect the functional programming community to the software
architecture community to cross-pollinate between the two.

We'd love for you to be part of this effort. Whatever your
background, you're welcome at FUNARCH - to listen to talks, report
on your experience, and interact with others that share our goals.

See you at FUNARCH!


You can register for the workshop via the registration page for
the ICFP conference, but there's no need to also register for
the conference. Reduced fees are available until 5th August.


Functional Programming in the Large - Status and Perspective
Mike Sperber


A Software Architecture Based on Coarse-Grained Self-Adjusting Computations
Stefan Wehr

Crème de la Crem: Composable Representable Executable Machines
Marco Perone and Georgios Karachalias

Functional Shell and Reusable Components for Easy GUIs
Ben Knoble and Bogdan Popa

Phases in Software Architecture
Jeremy Gibbons, Oisín Kidney, Tom Schrijvers and Nicolas Wu

Stretching the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Jeffrey M. Young, Sylvain Henry and John Ericson

Typed Design Patterns for the Functional Era
Will Crichton

Types that Change: The Extensible Type Design Pattern
Ivan Perez


Mike Sperber Active Group, Germany
Graham Hutton University of Nottingham, UK


Joachim Breitner Germany
Manuel Chakravarty Tweag & IOG, The Netherlands
Ron Garcia University of British Columbia, Canada
Debasish Ghosh LeadIQ, India
Lars Hupel Giesecke+Devrient, Germany
Andy Keep Meta, USA
Shriram Krishnamurthi Brown University, USA
Andres Löh Well-Typed, Germany
Anil Madhavapeddy University of Cambridge, UK
José Pedro Magalhães Standard Chartered, UK
Simon Marlow Meta, UK
Hannes Mehnert Robur, Germany
Erik Meijer USA
Ivan Perez KBR / NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Stefanie Schirmer DuckDuckGo, Germany
Perdita Stevens University of Edinburgh, UK
Stefan Wehr Hochschule Offenburg, Germany
Scott Wlaschin FPbridge, UK


The workshop will be co-located with the ICFP 2023 conference at
The Westin Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, United States.


devel / comp.lang.functional / Call for Participation, Functional Software Architecture (Sep 8, Seattle)


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