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Spurt the Kobold


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 by: Justisaur - Wed, 21 Jun 2023 20:57 UTC

I ran into a Spurt cartoon I thought was funny:

The scorpion on a pole really grabbed me so I looked it up, it's from
Critical Role.

I don't listen to Critical Role, I tried, but I find it boring
listening to live play podcasts/videos, and just keep thinking how I'd
be running it different to get off the boring bits. But there's this
interesting/funny bit from Fandom which is much shorter to go over:

Spurt is Chris Perkin's kobold character (from WotC) which he played in
a guest spot.

"Spurt carried ... oddities ... Most notable is a cage which holds a
live skunk (Pepe.) Spurt wielded a staff with a live scorpion secured
to the tip, stinger end pointed out (Stingy,) and a bag of hornets tied
to the end."

"Spurt's brother was eaten by a green slime (the same green slime that
he kept in a pot, in fact). Spurt claims it to be the worst thing he
had ever seen."

Other notable items:
Basket of centipedes
The "centi-pult"
Swarm of rot grubs

The whole entry:
- Justisaur

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¶¬'\( ,_.-'
- Justisaur

interests / / Spurt the Kobold


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