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interests / / Illegal immigrant drunken driver deported after short jail stint

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Illegal immigrant drunken driver deported after short jail stint


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From: (useapen)
Subject: Illegal immigrant drunken driver deported after short jail stint
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 07:09:11 -0000 (UTC)
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 by: useapen - Sun, 10 Dec 2023 07:09 UTC

The nation�s �severely broken� immigration system has finally done
something right for one heartbroken mom.

Drunken-driving illegal immigrant Nicolas Dutan Guaman � who killed 23-
year-old Matthew Denice of Milford in a 2011 crash � was deported Friday
after serving out his jail sentence. He was convicted in 2014.

�I am so grateful for ICE getting him out of the country,� Maureen
Maloney, Matthew�s mother, told the Herald minutes after immigration
officials informed her that Guaman was out of U.S. airspace and headed
back to Ecuador.

�Nothing will ever bring Matthew back or ease the pain, but this does
help,� Maloney said. �He doesn�t deserve to be in this country. The system
is so severely broken and a majority of Americans are so preoccupied they
don�t know how broken it is until it affects their family.�

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Guaman, 46, was released from the
Worcester County House of Correction Thursday and was immediately taken
into custody. He was put on a plane out of Boston and has now landed in

Maloney, an advocate for common-sense immigration policies, was overcome
with emotion after learning Guaman wouldn�t be back driving around town.

Guaman admitted to drinking as many as six beers before the Aug. 20, 2011,
crash in which he rolled through a stop sign in Milford and hit Denice,
flipping him and his motorcycle over the hood of his pickup truck before
Denice became lodged under the vehicle.

Guaman then kept driving a quarter-mile as witnesses pounded on the truck,
yelling at him in English to stop. He did not speak English.

ICE immediately sought a detainer on Guaman, which was later backed by a
Boston immigration court judge. He was found guilty of �manslaughter by
motor vehicle and motor vehicle homicide while operating under the
influence of liquor,� ICE said.

A final order of removal from the U.S. was granted in 2021. He was flown
out of Boston via ICE Air.

ICE Air is used �to facilitate the movement of noncitizens within the
United States and the removal of noncitizens to destinations worldwide,�
an immigration official recently told the Herald. Charter and commercial
flights are used.

�Since 2006, (ICE) has transferred and/or removed hundreds of thousands�
of illegal immigrants from the U.S., federal officials said. Soares-
Pereira happened to be the most recent one and he flew out via a
commercial airline.

ICE Air states it uses Boeing 737s for �domestic international removals�
and Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft for �special high-risk charters.� Most
Mexican illegal immigrants, ICE adds, are usually flown by commercial
flights to San Diego or Brownsville, Texas, for transport to Mexico.

Worldwide jumping-off airports include Mesa, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas;
Alexandria, Louisiana; and Miami.

Details of Guaman�s ICE Air trip were not shared with the Herald as of
late Friday night. Guaman, it has been reported, has family in
Massachusetts. It is not clear what they will do now.

The sentence for manslaughter while driving drunk ranges from 5 years to
20, with that law coming under fire for being too lenient.

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Boston deportation said Guaman�s
plane has landed in Ecuador.

�ERO Boston is proud to help bring some measure of justice to the family
of the victim in this case that ignited so much public outrage at the
heinous nature of the crimes Guaman was convicted of,� said ERO Boston
Field Office Director Todd Lyons. �No matter how long it takes, rest
assured that ERO Boston will carry out our mission to remove any
unlawfully present individuals who pose a danger and threat to the safety
and security of our communities.�

interests / / Illegal immigrant drunken driver deported after short jail stint


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