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o Motorcycle-Maker Piaggio Posts Record Profits63h.1504

Motorcycle-Maker Piaggio Posts Record Profits


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Subject: Motorcycle-Maker Piaggio Posts Record Profits
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 by: 63h.1504 - Mon, 4 Mar 2024 21:59 UTC

Motorcycle maker Piaggio posted a record profit of over 91
million euros in 2023 on Monday.

The maker of the Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Derbi
brands showed a profit that was 7.3% up at 91.1 million.

EBITDA was 9% at 325 million, and the operating result was 13.8%
up at 180.7 million.

But earnings were down 4.4% to 1,994.6 million as its Asian
sales fell.

.. . .

Looks like motorcycles have become more popular
in the EU and beyond - they ARE easier on gas
and you can always find a little space to park.
Besides, they're the FUN way to experience The

As for "asian sales" ... note that China is now
making motorcycles of reasonable quality and at
attractive prices. You can buy some in the USA,
but getting parts/repairs might be a challenge.
Almost bought a Moto Guzzi once, but the nearest
shop was nearly 100 miles away.

interests / / Motorcycle-Maker Piaggio Posts Record Profits


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