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interests / rec.gardens / Texas sage flopping over

o Texas sage flopping overDraugadrotin n

Texas sage flopping over


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Subject: Texas sage flopping over
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 by: Draugadrotin n - Sun, 3 Jul 2022 03:55 UTC

I have 3 Texas sage bushes in my front yard. For the past 3 years, I never trimmed them. This led to the bushes getting huge (7+ feet tall). In the last 6 months, I noticed due to all this extra weight, the outer branches have just flopped to the ground instead of growing upwards. One of the bushes has actually split into 2 due to the sheer weight of its branches. The split is so wide that you can walk in between the 2 halves.

It is still very pretty when it blooms because it gets covered with lavender colored flowers but when its not blooming, the bush with its flopped branches looks ugly.

Will trimming the bush fix it. Will the trimmed branches that are now flopped to the ground perk up.

Please advice.

interests / rec.gardens / Texas sage flopping over


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