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Last week's pet, this week's special.

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[] Jennell Jaquays Memorial Game Jam


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From: (kyonshi)
Subject: [] Jennell Jaquays Memorial Game Jam
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2024 10:06:59 +0100
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 by: kyonshi - Wed, 17 Jan 2024 09:06 UTC

This one is making the rounds on social meteors... well, I came across
it on Mastodon

This game jam is a memorial for the legendary game designer and Queer
activist Jennell Jaquays. Jennell's work was fundamental in shaping
early tabletop roleplaying games and how we all assemble maps and dungeons.
She also left a major mark on the video game industry working as
Director of Game Design for Coleco, as a level designer for id Software,
Ensemble Studios, and CCP Games. She was also one of the co-founders of
the video game education program, The Guildhall at SMU.
As a Queer activist, she worked as creative director for the Transgender
Human Rights Institute in Seattle was involved in the petition to create
"Leelah's Law," outlawing conversion therapy of LGBT youth.
She will be sorely missed as a mentor and role model for countless people.
Return to Perinthos

This game jam seeks entries to include in a published book titled Return
to Perinthos as a memorial to Jennell Jaquays. The final book will
contain a setting to tying everything together written by the fabulous
Luke Gearing!

At the conclusion of this jam, we will hold a Crowdfundr to sell
pre-orders for the physical copy of book and to collect donations.
All profit from the Crowdfundr will be donated to Jennell Jaquays's
family to help with medical and funeral expenses. Future profits from
further sales of the book will be donated to Trans Lifeline.
If you would like to contribute to her family right now, you can
use their GoFundMe as well.

interests / / [] Jennell Jaquays Memorial Game Jam


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