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programming / comp.programming / Re: Here is my new smart proverb

o Re: Here is my new smart proverbCitizen

Subject: Re: Here is my new smart proverb
From: Citizen
Newsgroups: comp.programming
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 00:18 UTC
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Subject: Re: Here is my new smart proverb
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Amine Moulay Ramdane kirjutas TeisipΓ€ev, 19. aprill 2022 kl 01:27:15 UTC+2:

I am a white arab from Morocco, and i think i am smart since i have also
invented many scalable algorithms and algorithms..

I have passed two certified IQ tests and i have scored above 115 IQ,
so i am highly smart, and here is my new smart proverb:

"You will think that smartness is much more or more genetical, but i think it is a mistake, since i think i am smart and i will explain:
If you want to climb a big mountain, there is two ways:
You can climb the big mountain with its difficulties or you can make the big mountain small in height so that to climb it, so when you are smart you will take a look at the constraints that make smartness much less expressive, and the today constraints that make smartness much less expressive is by logical analogy like making the big mountain small in height so that to climb it."

And here is my smart explanation of my proverb above:

Let me give an example about how to measure IQs or smartness..

So if you are really smart you will give a smart example so that people can understand, so here it is:

If i say: 2 + 2 = 4

So you will notice that this equality is also constrained by constraints of reality, since for example you are noticing that it is not so mathematically expressive, so this not mathematically expressive is also constraining human IQ or human smartness, since if you understand and learn this mathematical equality, another person will quickly do the same, so the other person will adapt quickly to this level of smartness, so now you are noticing the smart idea, it is that even science and technology are constrained the same way, and this constraints on science and technology constrain or limit the expressiveness of high human IQs or high level of smartness so that other lower level human IQs or smartness can attain the level of adaptability of high human IQs, and
i think it is what is happening in our today world. And here is more about the constraints on science and technology so that you notice it:

Is Science Going To End?

Read more here:

And read also the following

The Industrial Era Ended, and So Will the Digital Era

Read more here:

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.


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