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Subject: lg2k-1
Newsgroups: comp.lang.asm.x86
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Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 04:55 UTC
Newsgroups: comp.lang.asm.x86
Subject: lg2k-1
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 04:55:14 GMT
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I wrote this little sucker a long time ago.  The algorithm to draw it
is I think from the TAOCP series of books, and it was mentioned that
it appears on the cover of a book, but I simply can't find that
reference anymore.  Does anyone regognize it?
org     100h
fldcw   [CW_floor]
mov     ah,0fh
int     10h
mov     byte[old_mode],al
mov     ax,0eh
int     10h
mov     ebp,1
..0: lea eax,[ebp*2-1]   ; 2k - 1.
mov     [temp],eax
fild    dword[temp]
fld     st0             ; lg 2k - 1.
fistp   qword[temp]
fild    qword[temp]
fsubp   st1,st0         ; lg 2k - 1 (mod 1).
fmul    dword[f100_0]
fistp   qword[temp]
mov     edx,[temp]
add     edx,edx
lea     ecx,[ebp*4+ebp]
add     ecx,ecx
mov     ax,0c0fh
..1: int 10h
inc     ecx
cmp     ecx,640
jb      .1
inc     ebp
cmp     ebp,64
jb      .0
xor     ah,ah
int     16h
mov     ax,[old_mode]
int     10h
mov     ax,4c00h
int     21h

align   16
temp    dq      0.0
f100_0  dd      100.0
CW_floor        dw      0000011101111111b
old_mode        dw      0

This can BTW be nicely visualized with dosbox-debug.exe, since it runs
in its own window.

Download the fitting version for your DOSBox here:
A nice description can be found here:

Copy dosbox-debug to the same directory as dosbox.exe, then do:
nasm -f bin -o lg2k-1.asm
copy the com file to where you mounted c in DOSBox.

Then start dosbox-debug and in the dosbox window type:
debug lg2k-1
Change to the debug window, scroll the code pane down to inc ebp,and
set a breakpoint at it with F9, then repeatedly hit the F5 button and
you can watch it drawing.

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