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programming / alt.lang.asm / Re: The Truth about Corona Virus Situation and what every person should know.

Subject: Re: The Truth about Corona Virus Situation and what every person should know.
Newsgroups: alt.lang.asm
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2020 03:31 UTC
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Subject: Re: The Truth about Corona Virus Situation and what every person
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Corona Update 4 (25 april(4) 2020):

After 10 days news is somewhat slowing down about Corona Virus.

However I did re-search if there is any correlation between pandemics and radiation. I may have to re-search how "small ammounts" of radiation might change Earth's magnetic field. However for now there seems to be so many virusses and epidemics and pandemics that it's inconclusive over a large period of time except that there have been many virusses throughout the ages.

However I do see some significant sparks such as 1918, 2002, 2009, 2019 all in correlation with radio/radiation/1g/2g/3g/4g/5g advances.

Anyway enough about the speculation time to inject some more thruths into this thread =D cause that is the topic of this thread.

1. TRUE DEATH numbers are almost twice as high as official reported DEATH numbers.

Most interesting article: The case of 36.000 missing deaths

2. Other interesting articles about pandemics:

(Seems close to 1 billion people died from virusses ( !)

3. In the Netherlands mouth caps/masks not yet mandatory. Rest of Europe seems to start using masks. I personally don't have a mask yet.

4. I went to the super market today 25/4/2020. Had a big sneeze and some coughing... Hope I don't have corona now :) It was doable. I could notice much less people and cars around as I passed through the city.

5. I was disappointed and amazed/surprised the super market wasn't selling any mouth masks ?! There was a guy cleaning the carts and some hand washing stuff was there and some lines on the ground. I was very worried the air conditioning unit might transport the virus around. I kept thinking to myself 1.5 meter distance, 1.5 meter distance, 1.5 meter distance, cause I am not used to this.
One guy came a bit close I was not amuzed by that. Also one mother and her kid and an acquitance was talking in the super market as well as two employees. I also was not amuzed by this. There should be a "no talking" policy. Especially the kid kinda scared me a bit, cute girl... but shut the fuck up already lol. The blond chick seemed somewhat wild and I was sure she is the type to catch this virus, cause I could just see the look on her face, she don't care.
Fortunately most people do seem to care and where quiet and keeping distance =D
I am scared of stupid blonds now not taking this seriously ! LOL.

6. Old people died hard in The Netherlands in care give houses. The employees were not well protected with masks and such.

7. Netherlands officials keep claiming masks don't help. However masks do help to block the virus when coughing and such. The countries with masks are doing much better now. Personally I am glad the mouth masks are not yet manditory, but if it does become manditory I would like to buy one somewhere locally.
I guess these things are in short supply, I hope that changes in one month or so when I might need to go to super market again.

8. The corona app idea to inform people of infections around them is no success so far, to much security/privacy concerns. I already thought about such apps long time ago and discussed it with my mother. She found it a bad idea, and me too actually because once you go this route you can start creating all kinds of "snitching"-apps and then our privacy goes out of the window.

So I do not approve of these endavours not even for a pandemic because it will probably very quickly slide of into a big-brother-is-snitching-on-you-situation for everybody. Sometimes it's better not to know certain things =D

9. 5G masts continue to be burned in Netherlands so far one arrest was made..

10. Strangely enough entrance door of appartment complex I lived in failed/became defect for the third time. Maybe people/person taking out frustration/anger on electrical devices ?! Not sure ! ;)

11. Lately I see some strange people on the streets, coughing, bums, sneezing, kinda weird. Didn't really seem them before, this is kinda new. Some I did see... Maybe they stand out now a bit more cause all "normal" people stay at home and the strange ones are out on the streets. Though seem some new faces, kinda bizar.

12. I see an increase in cars moving/driving around. I find this quite annoying. I just hope it's only for necessities. I am worried about this. Maybe a new spark of virus spreading will occur if it's not halted soon.

13. Netherlands goverment has decided kids can go to school again. I worry about this too. This is why I fear kids the most now... I can imagine them quickly all touching stuff that is infected and then spreading it everywhere they go which it's hopefully not that many places, however they will also infect their parents probably, officials say it's the other way around... we'll see... I am not too confident this is going to go well.

14. Hospitals in Netherlands are doing well and are somewhat releaved there are less cases, however this is kinda non-sense because many old people have died in care taking houses instead of going to ICU/hospitals.

15. Lock down is violation of the ground laws in the Netherlands.

16. Suggestions have been made to also include engineers and financial experts in deciding corona virus/crisis approach, I am not sure if this advise will be implemented in goverment decision process.

17. Estimated costs of crisis so far is 90 billion euros for Netherlands alone and this number will surely rise. This is a shortage basically, year before that there was a surplus of 12 billion euros.  (billion in this case is So the economic costs of this seems to be quite huge already.

18. Europe seems to have approved a "financial help package" of 500 billion euros ! and it might be increased to 1500 billion euros ! Mark Rutten our Prime Minister called these numbers "dazzling".

19. Personally I come to the conclusion that Bill Gate worries about virusses was correct seeing the huge list of virusses and huge deaths these have caused through humanity. Is he trying to make a buck out of it ? Well, time will tell ;)

20. We/humans are not so good yet at fighting/solving these virusses, personally I must come to the conclusion that "flight" itself all over the global is super dangerous right now and should not continue for a long time until we learn how to fight and cure these virusses properly.

21. Estimated number of Corona Deaths right now is approaching the 200.000+ mark. Real number is probably twice that.

22. Number of deaths in Netherlands alone is 100+ on a daily basis. So if this continues throughout the year then the small country of The Netherlands may easily face 100x300 days = 30000 deaths easily by the end of the year.

23. UK believes real death numbers in China could be 15 to 40 times higher then reported.

24. Estimated number of infections world wide is now approaching 3 million cases (3.000.000).

25. Some businesses are going bankrupt, others don't pay rent any more for buildings or only half.

26. In case corona virus did not go from dolphins to bats then we will probably face another pandemic soon where it goes from dolphins to humans or something like that.

27. In other news a comet is approaching earth that was documented by egyptians 4000 Before Christ. In my coincide with planet X also moving close to earth. Planet X might through comets towards Earth and Earth may be hit by comets soon causing mass death, which might eclipse the Corona Crisis. This comet is called Atlast and was also discovered in late december 2019. Comets are believed to be the messengers of news, bad news and are believed to announce DOOM. Also two objects would be needed to tilt/change the north south pole of earth, this seems to be happening, thus the hypothesis of Planet X seems very likely. Perhaps mayan calender ment 2020 as the year of disaster. 2 is the number of the devil, and 2020 has plenty of 2's in it. 2x2, does this spell "the devil's year" ?
2x0 dooms day ? I for one am seriously curious what is going to happen this year ! ;)

Concerning comet atlas it may be visible end april or begin may in northen hemisphere... at night... it might be quite spectacular cause it's becoming more bright. I am curious if I will see it with the naked-eye ! ;)

28. President Trump of the USA had an interesting idea to NUKE the virus inside the lungs with UV light/radiation to kill the virus. A tube could be injected and then a heavy light shined into the lungs. I am very curious if such a treatment would work to kill off the virus without killing much of the lungs themselfes ?!

29. As far as I can tell basically all countries in world are taking Corona Virus more seriously and have implemented some form of lock down, there are very few countries that didn't it seems. Sweden is trying a no-lock down approach sounds dangerous to me. I think also Den Mark loosened restrictions and allowing kids to go to school. Netherlands goverment says to follow the developments in Den Mark... kids will go to school soon in Netherlands 11 may 2020 to be precise. I think this is foolish but time will tell. Any tourist or traveller thinking of visitting the Netherlands, don't be near kids is my advise ! =D
I am also curious if parents will go with this or are too scared to send their kinds to school and then what will happen ?! ;)

30. Corona Virus seems to make people feel up and then down again, better and then sick again... so it's a deceiving/treacherous virus. Human mussles can disappear at 1 kilo per day. Recovery may take up to 1 to 2 years. Eating extra may help and certain special foods or drinks. Netherlands medics are trying to organize/create a corona virus recovery program.

31. According to one health expert most medicine do not seem to help much, but further re-search will occur and it needs to happen on larger groups. Small health benefits are to be expected and ofcourse health side effects.

Before I sign off some other stuff to think about:

32. One medical expert said "we will never get rid of corona".

33. Merkel politician of germany thinks this will take a few years before this is over. I also think this is going to take 2 to maybe even 10 years at this rate. So bussiness owners are way too optimistic to think this will be over in just a few months, at least with current measures I don't see that happening any time soon.

34. Netherlands's "Intelligent" Lock down stays in place till 20 may 2020. All big events cancelled/banned/prohibitted till 1 september 2020. This means also no "scoccer" matchs or events. No concerts, no pinkpop/festivals, No kings day, etc.

Now time for some conspiracy theories:

35. Could very well be an engineered virus. Could contain traces of AID/HIVS and SARS with special gene editing technique called crispr.

36. G5 masts in wuhan could have been erected to support the virus lab in wuhan to prevent having to place cables, to transfer larges quantities of research results and to not have population to suspicious about cables and such.

37. Virus could be released to use it to warrant measures against/control of population.

38. Corona Deaths might actually be caused by other diseases.

39. My personal favorite: Corona Virus come from a recent comet touching down in China somewhere or in the sea somewhere and carried forth by dolphins to bats :)

40. 5G radiation is causing oxygen problems in the blood of some humans. Less uptake of oxygen in the blood.

41. Bill Gates hopes to cash in big on virusses by selling vacines. Most of these vacines kills more people than they cure. LOL Do you really want to inject something into your blood stream from the producer of the ever crashing and blue screening and miss-updating windows operating system ?! LOL. This probably doesn't belong in conspiracy theories and you know it ! ;) =D
I do like windows and many probably do and are fund of it, but maybe to then sue Bill Gates later for all of this money ?! How will he protect himself and his companies against it ?! Sell you a license to inject the shit ? Goverment forced injections ?! Well can you see where this is going once a "vacine" is supposedly to be invented ?! ;) :)

Bye for now,

o The Truth about Corona Virus Situation and what every person should kn

By: skybuck2000 on Thu, 19 Mar 2020

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