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Using Start with a variable procedure name.


Posted: 20 Days 19 Hours ago by: Colin Reynolds

For Reference, Clarion 9/Windows 7 I am trying to implement user personalised menus with buttons that access variable procedure names. The procedures are defined in a user file and reflect whether or not users have access to a procedure.

list format manager's editor not showing yes or no in the on column


Posted: 22 Days 23 Hours ago by:

* windows 10 * clarion 11 * sqlserver 2012 Since a while I have problems with the editor of the list format manager. During runtime of the application if I want to display an other sequence or add a column to the browse the column "on" w

Re: Clarion for Dos Version 2.1


Posted: 25 Days 12 Hours ago by: Drage Fam

hi jerry did your upgrade work. i write in clarion 2.1, And want to upgrade my program system . i do it for my own bussines +263774444682 richard please whats up me

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