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Re: Using/enabling Windows 10 styles in VO application (thread)


Posted: 5 Days 17 Hours ago by: Stefan Ungemach

Thank you all. Now we have abandoned the MDI concept completely and the windows are nicer...

Re: CreateGCDump() (thread)


Posted: 14 Days 13 Hours ago by:

Thanks Wolfgang, Appreciate the eyeball on the group. I will compare the code to what I am getting and report back! -Steve Harvey is the name of my RV I'll be living in shortly!)

Re: CreateGCDump() (thread)


Posted: 17 Days 17 Hours ago by: Wolfgang Riedmann

Hi Harvey, in my applications (VO 2.8 SP4b) it works: pGCDump := MemAlloc(_SIZEOF(DWORD) + (dwMax*_SIZEOF(_GCENTRY))) IF pGCDump<>NULL_PTR pGCDump.nEntryCount:=dwMax dwItems:=CreateGCDump(pGCDump,6) pGCEntry:=PTR(_CAST,DWORD(_CAST,pG



Posted: 19 Days 10 Hours ago by:

Anyone use the CreateGCDump() dll function? I know the forum is all but dead. Hoping though... I tried using this function and the return does not match the structure definition. It returns the number of entries correctly, but for the GCE

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