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Wing Python IDE version 8 has been released


Posted: 4 Days 12 Hours ago by: Wingware

Wing 8 is a major new release that introduces support for development on Docker and LXC/LXD containers and Docker Compose clusters, a Python package management tool, improved project creation, improved static analysis and code warnings,

EuroPython 2021: Data Science Mini-Conference


Posted: 9 Days 22 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

It has become a tradition at EuroPython to include a special data science track. * EuroPython 2021 Data Science Mini-Conference * This year, we have expanded on the theme

EuroPython 2021: Full-Day Workshops


Posted: 11 Days 21 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

This year's edition of EuroPython begins with two days of training sessions as outlined in the schedule. Many of these last 3 hours, however, we would like to highlight two specific workshops available to those who want a deeper dive. They

NestedText 3.0


Posted: 12 Days 12 Hours ago by: NestedText

Introducing NestedText 3.0, a nice alternative to JSON, YAML, TOML NestedText is a new file format for holding data that is to be entered, edited, or viewed by people. It allows data to be organized into a nested collection of dictionar

EuroPython 2021: Keynotes and Booklet


Posted: 12 Days 20 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

EuroPython 2021 begins next week. We are proud to present the keynote speakers and our conference booklet. Keynotes -------- The following keynotes will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tickets are still available. If you w

EuroPython 2021: Conference Organisers & Community Discounts


Posted: 15 Days 19 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

The EuroPython Society (EPS) exists not only to run the EuroPython Conference, but also to support the wider Python community in Europe. It accomplishes this in many ways; here are two of them! * EuroPython Society supporting

pythran 0.9.12 - heskenn


Posted: 18 Days 10 Hours ago by: Serge Guelton

Hi folks, I just shipped a new release of Pythran—a compiler for scientific kernels written in python. It means it is available on PyPI and github, but not yet on conda, fedora, gentoo etc. This one fixes a bunch of issues for Scipy (a

Roundup issue tracker 2.1.0 (20th anniversary edition) released


Posted: 19 Days 3 Hours ago by: John P. Rouillard

I'm proud to release version 2.1.0 of the Roundup issue tracker. This 20th anniversary edition has been possible due to the help of several contributors. This release is a bugfix and minor feature release, so make sure to read https://www

PyConZA 2021 - Second call for submissions


Posted: 20 Days 1 Hour ago by: Neil Muller

This is a second call for talk proposals for PyConZA 2021. While we've already received several great talk proposals, we still have a number of open talk slots and are thus keen to see further talk submissions. PyCon ZA 2021 will take pla

[RELEASE] Python 3.10.0b4 is available


Posted: 21 Days 5 Hours ago by: Pablo Galindo Salgad

ow! A release on a Saturday? Do the release management team even rest? You better believe it, because this is the last of the planned beta releases. This means that the next pre-release will be the first release candidate of Python 3.10.

NetworkX 2.6.1 released


Posted: 23 Days 10 Hours ago by: Jarrod Millman

I am happy to announce NetworkX 2.6.1 (2.6.0 had a minor issue)! This release has a larger than normal number of changes in preparation for the upcoming 3.0 release. The current plan is to release 2.7 near the end of summer and 3.0 in la

EuroPython 2021: Opening our Merchandise Shop


Posted: 23 Days 22 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

* EuroPython 2021 Merch Shop * You can find the shop under the "EuroPython" menu entry on the conference website. It is run on the Spreadsh

EuroPython 2021: Trainings and Workshops


Posted: 25 Days 22 Hours ago by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

Have you ever wanted to build an image search system, take a deep dive into pytest or learn about algorithmic trading? Then we have a treat for you! The EuroPython conference will start with two full training and workshop days on Monday,

[ANN] Austin -- CPython frame stack sampler v3.0.0 is now available


Posted: 29 Days 8 Hours ago by: Gabriele Tornetta

I am delighted to announce the release 3.0.0 of Austin. If you haven't heard of Austin before, it is an open-source frame stack sampler for CPython, distributed under the GPLv3 license. It can be used to obtain statistical profiling data o

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