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Provide foreign language computer groups in rocksolidbbs


Posted: 4 Days 22 Hours ago by: Marco Moock

Hello, it would be nice if you could provide foreign language computer-related newsgroup hierarchies like de.comp.* or de.comm.* in the rocksolid web forum.

Re: Replying does not work (thread)


Posted: 8 Days 12 Hours ago by: Anonymous


Replying does not work


Posted: 8 Days 13 Hours ago by: Anonymous

http://fev4bgoasgxttqb3x3tukxxia6lwryteq6a2ramqb2gjiol3zbu6xaid.onion/rocksolid/search.php?command=search&searchpoint=Poster&terms=Citadel%20Conduct%20Code&data=Y2l0YWRlbEBjb25kdWN0LmNvZGU%3D Turns out that the "Post article"-button trie

Re: Adding file sharing to rslight (thread)


Posted: 22 Days 10 Hours ago by: G.K.

Then on both questions I say thank you, Sir! This is great for what I have in mind.

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