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Posted: 13 Days 5 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Seems like i did that before already...def3 is working

Re. def4 out of action

Posted: 14 Days 8 Hours ago by: Anonymous

No, the disk has free space, and inn2 runs normally. I can point def3 to one of your servers, no prob. Will do that one of these days. cheers trw

Re: def4 is out of action

Posted: 14 Days 13 Hours ago by: Retro Guy

That's not fun. Disk full maybe? Can def3 point to one of my inn servers? Retro Guy

def4 is out of action

Posted: 16 Days 2 Hours ago by: Anonymous

for some reason , def4 does not seem to sync anymore, or take local posts. seems like the news server is acting up again - yech. def2 will work normally and use retros servers, def3 is cut off for the time being (but still functional on it

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