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With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?

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Re: how to break a site

Posted: 6 Days 20 Hours ago by: nobody

Yes, sir. You venerable usenetizens will be the first to know.

Re: how to break a site

Posted: 7 Days 10 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Yes, and you need to anticipate things which you can't do 100%. It's a lot of work. Your project sounds interesting, let us know when you have something we can try out, if you want ppl trying it out of course.

Re: how to break a site

Posted: 7 Days 12 Hours ago by: nobody

Been there. Done that. Got the messy T-shirt. I have been undergoing a long process of scriptomatically engineering everything to prevent myself from doing these kinds of mishaps. It works, but it's also a bit more time consuming. I am

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