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my pgp key


Posted: 21 Hours 1 Minute ago by: buttertheidiot

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBGPE+EMBEACztU+/CVA+3LEKJWpGrpUmNbP8Q+Lim3GR78zjf2hbdrD+VQwe 5FimXFKJTF33q3E+x/VwA/Cs0Wy7BILzIF2w9wWTdOvHzwXKxufY6z6NDSsuZqDo aZFlzkKb4VqB6iJ+4S1EehVdbSfuyl7mI/Z17VqljK9CBzPYi/9v51ZI574NpZpS rqOWPA6

Re: Tox frens (thread)


Posted: 23 Hours 16 Minutes ago by: Anonymous


Re: Seeking volunteers to goldrush & bootstrap a new anonymous token (thread)


Posted: 20 Days 12 Hours ago by: Coin Goldrush

I posted a link to this usenet message on the hackernews feed ( Their censors removed the post and deleted my user account. No explanation was provided. See for yourself:

Seeking volunteers to goldrush & bootstrap a new anonymous token


Posted: 21 Days 3 Hours ago by: Coin Goldrush

I am formulating how to announce and coordinate a bootstrap of a new token network. Ideally it will be set to go in about six months. Where should I inquire to find volunteers to bootstrap a new anonymous crypto-currency system? The sys

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