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Crypto Shylocks Behold: Snowfall


Posted: 3 Days 15 Hours ago by: Anonymous

The only reason this token grabbed my attention is because the cost are more in line with paper money 14%. 2% when buy 8 on sell 1 for development. The promises, which are made to be broken, are that you can pawn your crypto on any blockch

Book Plug


Posted: 9 Days 15 Hours ago by: Anonymous

International critics agree: Pharmacology For Dummies,Dealing After Successful Rehab by Pablo Knowz is a smash hit. Major distributors are hiring responsible people that are familiar with the subject. The book explains why MGS tests (mas

Adrenaline Rush


Posted: 15 Days 4 Hours ago by: Anonymous

This is a fiction story that takes place soon after the release of Terminator 2. My regular supplier got out of Dodge and stayed gone for 6 month. In the mean time one Friday afternoon I was feeling the itch and decided to call a friend

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