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Car repair story


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JD Shabat
My old job went Chapter 7 and I really needed a new job.
I showed up late to the interview.

Boss says "This is a horrible way to start things, we're a
Japanese-owned company that works off precision, and you are already
late for your interview"
So, I told him
"Sir, I apologize. A universal joint on my truck broke, on my way here.
My rear drive shaft was banging into the bottom of my truck.
So, I pulled a speaker out of the rear wall, yanked out the wire and
used the speaker wire to tie up my drive shaft to a hanger under the
truck, put the truck into 4-Hi and drove here in front wheel drive. It
took longer than expected to pull the speaker wire out."
Boss: "Your're hired. No further questions."

sport / / Car repair story


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