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o Re: ESPN sucks - an alternative, and an invite!a425couple

Re: ESPN sucks - an alternative, and an invite!


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Subject: Re: ESPN sucks - an alternative, and an invite!
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 by: a425couple - Sat, 9 Jul 2022 23:20 UTC

On 7/9/2022 2:56 PM, XYXPDQ wrote:
> They ran FP2 twice and the sprint race not at all.

Well, I guess your post is telling me that we did
not goof up our 'programming'.
Yeah, we missed it too.

Anyway, you can go to Youtube, and find a
pretty decent little summary of highlights
of that Sprint Race..

Meanwhile, you are invited to come to
Pacific Raceways July 16 and 17.
Admission is free.
Wander around, look, see, talk.
The race is put on by "International Race Drivers
Club" and it has over 50 years been a member of
"International Conference of Sports Car Clubs."

And if you have any interest in getting involved,
we have plenty of friendly people, and the
organization would always appreciate your
assistance. Or just come, watch, and leave.
I'd invite you to stop by my paddock,
but instead of driving, I will be working out
on a turn.

Here is our schedule for that weekend:

Six, totally different races on Saturday,
Five on Sunday.

Wow! I just found out that this weekend they are
planning 'rides around the track' for volunteers.

Here is a shortcut to the results of one day we
had in Spokane (long trip, kind of low attendance.)

sport / / Re: ESPN sucks - an alternative, and an invite!


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