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Re: F1 Academy


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 by: a425couple - Wed, 22 Mar 2023 21:46 UTC

On 3/20/23 16:38, bra wrote:
> They woke up and recruited Abbi Pulling. Two-time British kart champion over male rivals, and one of the hardest chargers in the W Series. There are some fabulously wealthy Academy entrants, but Abbi had to pull out of British F4 because of empty pockets. Her dad's an ex stock car oval racer and self-employed welder. The father of another Academy entrant could probably buy the British Isles and have change left over. ;-)

I wish good fortune to them all.

We have a fair number of females racing locally.
Most are undistinguished, but a couple are very good.
Thinking and reading on the subject tell me that
there is no reason that females can not be at
the very top rungs of the ladder.

It is really hard to measure what it takes to succeed
in auto racing.

Danica Patrick did just fine.
Perhaps no female will do better.

sport / / Re: F1 Academy


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