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sport / / We have to keep vigilant! - car lands in grandstand during WEC support event

o We have to keep vigilant! - car lands in grandstand during WECa425couple

We have to keep vigilant! - car lands in grandstand during WEC support event


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This track has a FIA Grade of 1, and held the Portugese GP's in 2020 and


WEC practice resumes after car lands in grandstand during support event
World Endurance ChampionshipPosted on
14th April 2023, 16:21 | Written by Keith Collantine

Practice for this weekend’s World Endurance Championship round at the
Autodromo do Algarve has resumed after a car landed in a grandstand
during a support event.


Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica driver Alex Areia suffered a huge crash
at turn one on the Portuguese track. A video shot by a spectator at the
circuit showed the car leaving the circuit at high speed and clearing
the barrier.
Images of the crash scene show the Porsche 911 GT3 took out several
panels of the debris fence and landed in a seated area of the grandstand.

The Monteiros Competicoes driver said he was unhurt in the crash and was
relieved to discover the grandstand he landed in was empty. He revealed
he suffered a braking problem in his car.

“I was very angry,” he said on social media. “I ran out of brakes at the
end of the straight, I practically became a passenger.

“Luckily there was no one in that area of the grandstand and I managed
to get out of the accident unharmed, thanks to the safety level of that

The incident happened during second practice for the support series,
which followed the day’s opening WEC session. The second WEC practice
session began after a delay for repairs to the damaged barriers.


The Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica is a new series which was launched
by Spain’s Real Federación Española de Automovilismo for 2023. It is
holding the first round of its new championship this weekend.

The circuit Algarve near Portimao opened in 2008 and underwent some
renovations and resurfacing in 2020. There are two different
configurations available for turn one. WEC uses the faster of the two,
as F1 did when it held the Portuguese Grand Prix at the venue in 2020
and 2021.

Toyota filled the top two places in the first WEC practice session of
the day. The number eight car shared by Sebastien Buemi, Brendon Hartley
and Ryo Hirakawa set the pace.

Video: Car lands in grandstand during WEC support event

Image: Petete3mil via Twitter

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FIA F1 race in 2020 and "The circuit hosted the Portuguese Grand
Prix again in 2021 from 30 April to 2 May.[16]"

sport / / We have to keep vigilant! - car lands in grandstand during WEC support event


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