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Kyle Busch On Fire...


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From: (max headroom)
Subject: Kyle Busch On Fire...
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2023 21:35:15 -0700
Organization: Horseshoe Road Inn
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 by: max headroom - Wed, 7 Jun 2023 04:35 UTC

Kyle Busch On Fire, NASCAR May Suspend Another Driver, Austin Dillon Fumes, Ross
Chastain Does It Again, Hooters Gianna Goes Cowgirl

Written by Zach Dean

Kyle Busch won and NASCAR fans . cheered? I don't know if they were clapping
just because Sunday's marathon race mercifully ended or if they actually like
Rowdy now, but it was still weird either way.

Whew. What a day in St. Louis. We had power outages all over the place, random
lightning strikes, billion-hour rain delays, Ross Chastain doing Ross Chastain
things and hey, even another hooking!

That's becoming a weekly tradition this year. We'll see if NASCAR bends the knee
and suspends yet another driver this time around.

Let's see, what else do we have on tap for everyone today - the first Monday of
June? Can I interest you in celebrating Samantha Busch's 37th birthday? Sure,
why the hell not?!

How about Hooters Gianna going cowgirl? Yep, that'll play.

A little smug Bubba Wallace action? Oh yeah, we can't NOT have Bubba join the
party. It's tradition.

We also had a pit crew member possibly get hit, and a fan definitely get hit.
Head on a swivel whenever you go to the track, you know.

I think that should hold everyone over for a while. Hell, it'll have to, because
I'm coming off a week vacation and am obviously not in a very patient mood
today. Perhaps it's the 9 a.m. alcohol withdrawals?

Four tires and some more wine for Queen Samantha as she celebrates another year
on this big, beautiful rock . Monday Morning Pit-Stop - the 'NASCAR Needs A
better Internet Plan' edition - is LIVE!....

[much more...]

sport / / Kyle Busch On Fire...


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