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It's like deja vu all over again. -- Yogi Berra

sport / / Re: [OT] NASCAR - (Spoilers for Chicago)

o Re: [OT] NASCAR - (Spoilers for Chicago)a425couple

Re: [OT] NASCAR - (Spoilers for Chicago)


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 by: a425couple - Tue, 4 Jul 2023 17:03 UTC

On 7/4/23 01:54, ~misfit~ wrote:
> On 4/07/2023 4:17 pm, ~misfit~ wrote:
>> So after watching the NASCAR race when Kimi jumped into the Project 91
>> car I decided that NASCAR wasn't for me. Just a crashfest and lottery.
>> Then I heard (New Zealander) Shane van Gisbergen was going to drive
>> the 91 car for one race I thought I'd watch that race to hopefully get
>> an idea how NASCAR drivers compare to Aussie V8 Supercar drivers...
>> ---
>> He's the first guy in 60 years to win his inaugural NASCAR cup race.
>> Kind of reminds me of Liam Lawson this season in Japanese SuperFormula...
>> (NZ media coverage:
>> <> )

Did you read:

Despite Beefing Up Security With 900 Guards, Major Chicago Lapse Becomes
NASCAR’s Twitter Nightmare
Published 07/02/2023, 12:19 PM PDT

Amid all the controversial speculations, NASCAR’s Chicago foray has
received enormous success. For its maiden street track run, NASCAR left
no stone unturned. As a connoisseur of safety, NASCAR installed catch
fences and FIA-approved concrete barriers keeping driver and public
safety in mind. Cordoning off major downtown streets to public vehicles,
the Chicago police and other emergency agencies geared up to handle the
massive crowds.

Beefing up the security quotient, NASCAR hired an additional private
security fleet for the smooth running of its Chicago Street Course
races. Even with the vast security measures in place, reports of
multiple breaches exposed a substantial security lapse.

So one Chicago resident joked:

WindyCity Weather and News
#NASCARChicago #ChicagoScanner #Chicago

A report of unauthorized vehicles on the racecourse

Lake Shore Drive and Roosevelt

The police chief watching them get on the Track😂

“Wait until a couple Nascar drivers get carjacked tomorrow on pit row,
that will be classic Chicago.”

sport / / Re: [OT] NASCAR - (Spoilers for Chicago)


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