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OT - Obsession


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 by: observer - Mon, 17 Apr 2023 00:09 UTC

An erotic 4-part Netflix series, each episode
1 - 33 minutes
2 - 41 minutes
3 - 43 minutes
4 - 38 minutes

Anna was attracted to a young man & early
in the series she was attracted to that young
man's dad. She tried to have sexual relation-
ships with both men, keeping the relationship
with the dad a secret from the son 'til early in
episode 4, when a tragedy occurs.

Sidenote: Not to give away what happened,
but early in the show a very high staircase
was shown with an apartment that Anna &
the Dad used for their hook-ups on the top
floor, & as always, I was alarmed that the
'fence' 'tween the opening & the stairs was ...

.... so low that it looked extremely danger-
ous, begging the question why in the world
does anyone have such low 'fencing' to pre-
vent accidental falling over the side, yikes.
Turns out, well, episode 4 led to tragedy due
to that low 'fencing'.

Unlike the reviewers at rotten tomatoes, I
found the series interesting, somewhere in
the neighborhood of an 80, thumbs up, & I
suspect that many reviewers who gave it a
thumbs down score had either a condemna-
tion of the series for reasons have to do ...

.... with moral condemnation of Anna & the
dad -or- probably disappointment that shoot-
em-ups & mindless car chase scenes weren't
a part of the series. I found the series intrigu-
ing & welcomed the lack of guns & car chases
on the show.

I suspect that in real life, many try multiple love
affairs simultaneously, almost always a danger-
ous adventure when hiding said affairs from the
other partner or partners, sometimes (not sure
how often) ending in death for 1 or more of the
partners involved.

A hint of that:

"The bond between violence & pathological obses-
sive love is the most destructive & serious side of
love addiction. According to the FBI crime reports,
over 10% of murders in the US were committed by
the victim’s partner or lover."

Unmentioned in that, the number of suicides &/or
murder-suicides resulting from failed relationships.

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