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Life is a game of bridge -- and you've just been finessed.

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OT - The Night Agent


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 by: observer - Mon, 17 Apr 2023 23:33 UTC

Netflix 10-part series, actor Gabriel Basso
playing the role of the Night Agent Peter
Sutherland, actress Luciane Buchanan
playing the role of survivor-on-the-run Rose
Larkin & other actors & actresses who all
did a great job in this complicated series ...

.... that was loaded with an unfortunate
amount of gun violence, physical violence,
murders, murder attempts, & eventually 2
bomb attempts on the President's life. I'd
give it a thumbs up 80 & might re-title it
Unsung American Heroes.

Good news, it has been announced that
The Night Agent will have a 2nd season.

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sport / / OT - The Night Agent


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