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OT - Mission Impossible 2 (of 8)


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Subject: OT - Mission Impossible 2 (of 8)
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 by: observer - Wed, 19 Apr 2023 00:59 UTC

Despite rotten tomatoes giving this the
lowest score of any of the Mission Im-
possible movies, I liked it. It had great
action scenes, plenty of scenes at very
high heights, sex & romance with a young
cute thin Thandiwe Newton at age 26 ...

..... playing Nyah, a thief seduced by Tom
Cruise's character Ethan Hunt, agreed to
hook up with a former lover (the villain)
to help to prevent a chimera (deadly virus)
being sold, Nyah sacrificing herself with
the toxin (20 hours to live) to save Ethan ...

.... near the end of the movie. Tom Cruise
as robust as ever at age 36. I give it a big
80 thumbs up. It held my interest from
beginning to end. I liked it a lot more than
the 1st Mission Impossible which I gave a
thumbs down 69 due to a convoluted plot.

Unique Mission Impossible facmask wear-
ing played a big role in 1) fooling Nyah into
believing Ethan (actually the villain pretend-
ing to be Ethan) wanted her to stay with the
villain, & 2) later in fooling the villain into
thinking he was killing Ethan when he actu-
ally was killing his accomplace.

Near the end, Ethan fights the villain (not
really into fistfights am I) while Nyah stands
at the edge of a cliff looking like she's gonna
jump to her death as she doesn't think Ethan
will deliver the cure.

Usually, with a 20 hour countdown, the movie
let's us know how much time is left, but for
some reason this movie didn't do so. Nyah
got the cure in time.

Last scene, Ethan & Nyah kiss & it's implied
that they lived happily ever after (or at least
'til Mission Impossible 3 as this is the only
Mission Impossible Thandiwe Newton ap-
peared in).

Thandiwe won mulitple awards for playing
Maeve Millay in Westworld starting in 2016.

Despite a lot of reviews panning the MI2
movie, I disagree with all that. Some of
the positive reviews I agree with:

Photo: Tom Cruise & Thandiwe Newton

Tom Cruise Wikipedia

Thandiwe Newton Wikipedia

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