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OT - Mission Impossible 4 (of 8) Ghost Protocol


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Subject: OT - Mission Impossible 4 (of 8) Ghost Protocol
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 by: observer - Wed, 19 Apr 2023 22:45 UTC

Opens with a guy chased by 2 guys on a
roof. He jumps off the roof & turns & shoots
his gun at the 2 guys, then falls onto a soft
cushion (not sure how that appeared) & runs
away. Unfortunately for him, a young female
walks towards him & fires 6 or thereabouts ...

.... shots & kills him. On his phone it shows
her picture & is labelled ASSASSIN. Then,
we're in a Russian prison & a guard is open-
ing prison doors letting prisoners out & even-
tually Ethan Hunt, a prisoner for reasons un-
known, is let out.

He's supposed to go to an escape point but
instead he goes to a cell & gets a friend to
go with him to the escape point. Someone
at the prison decide to play a Dean Martin
song which is in the background while the
escape is transpiring.

Agent Carter (a female) meets them at the
escape point. As opening credits role, a ver-
sion of the Mission Impossible theme song
plays as they escape down a sewage tunnel.
They set off a bomb destroying the sewage

Agent Carter recalls coming across the
agent who was killed by a female assassin.
He stole a file which the female assassin
stole from him after shooting him to death.
The file contained Russian nuclear launch

The wife from MI3 is referred to by an agent
(Dunn who helped Ethan find Julia in MI3)
who says Ethan went to prison after "he and
his wife, you know". Unstated if they divorced
or separated or if she died somehow.

Ethan is tasked with having 4 hours to find
the guy who has the file in the Kremlin & to
steal the file back. He & Dunn enter the Krem-
line disguised as a Russian General & his fel-
low soldier. It's a relief that in this episode
they've returned to using versions of the ...

.... Mission Impossible theme song as their
background music (said theme song music
absent & missed in MI3). Dunn whispers
"sorry about you and Julia not working out",
implying they divorced or separated. (later
we find out Julia was killed, or was she?)

Dunn & Ethan fail to find the file which is
taken by someone else. Ethan escapes the
Kremlin & changes into his normal appear-
ance dressed as an American tourist. He
spots the guy who stole the file & simul-
taneously bombs go off in the Kremlin,
destroying much of it.

Ethan is knocked out & awakens in a hos-
pital. Unknown where Dunn & agent Carter
are. A Russian shows up over Ethan & tells
him he knows (thinks) Ethan set off the
bombs. Ethan tries to escape the hospital,
going out to a ledge that's too high to jump ...

.... as the Russian shows up but Ethan jumps
from the roof via a wire extension 'tween
buildings, using his belt to move down to
the ground.

After much in the way of meetings & attacks
on a car Ethan & others are in, Ethan & Wil-
liam Brant (a Mission Impossible analyst)
meet with his original team & deal with the
ghost protocol (all Mission Impossible is
disavowed). They plan on going where the ...

.... villain who has the nuclear launch codes
& the female assassin are, at the Burj Khalifa
(tallest building in the world) in Dubai. Unbe-
lievably, Ethan has to get to floor 103 & the
only way to do so is to climb up the outside
of the building. YIKES!

Cringe-worthy, don't know if I can handle
watching this (my fear of heights, you know).
While climbing, a sandstorm approaches.
He's using magic sticky gloves & one of
them goes out so he's left with only one
sticky glove.

He gets to the floor & as he's cutting the
window to get in, he falls a few floors be-
fore attaching to a window & climbing back
up. He crashes through the window.

Ethan for some reason has to return to the
floor he came from & he jumps out of floor
103 with a long cable that unfortunately for
him isn't long enough to get him back to
the floor he came from (I don't recall which
floor that is - 80?).

Ethan swings on the cable & tries to jump
into the floor he came from & he almost
makes it, not quite, starting to fall when
William Brant (played by actor Jeremy
Renner), held by agent Carter, reaches out
& grabs Ethan's foot & pulls him in.

This is too scary for words.

As if all that wasn't scary enough, Ethan
wants to hand the real launch codes to
Wistrom (the evil villain) & William Brant
holds the briefcase with the codes out
the open window refusing to give them
to Ethan.

William hands the codes to Ethan. Their
plan to use masks fails as the machine
that makes masks fails. Ethan & William
show up on the floor with the real female
assassin & agent Carter is on another
floor with the villain Wistrom. All of this ...

.... an effort to fool both the female assas-
sin & Wistrom. Wistrom is fooled but the
female assassin sees William with an eye-
piece & she tells someone to kill them &
she tries to get away. She is followed by
agent Carter.

Agent Carter captures the female assas-
sin & brings her to the hotel room with

Sidenote: I'll be surprised if someone, pro-
bably Ethan, doesn't end up outside the
building at some point.

Wistrom makes it to the ground floor.
Ethan is following him. The Russian who
was with Ethan at the hospital shows up
with another & they have guns on Ethan.
Ethan attacks them & escapes & runs
after Wistrom.

Sidenote: Incredibly, the movie is 1:15 in
& has almost an hour to go. It feels like
it should almost be over but apparently,
there's much more to come.

The female assassin breaks free from
Dunn & is tackled by agent Carter. In
their fight, which goes back & forth, a
gun is repeatedly fired, William arrives
& shoots at the assassin who is kicked
out of the open window by agent Carter,

.... to her death. So, my sidenote was cor-
rect, it's just that the female assassin
ended up outside rather than Ethan, fall-
ing to her death from the 80th floor (her
being kicked out the window is shown,
her actual death is not shown).

Ethan is running after Wistrom outside,
& as he almost catches him the sand-
storm hits. Wistrom gets away, gets in
a car, runs into Ethan & then escapes
in the car. Ethan gets a car & chases
Wistrom helped by a phone tracker.

Sidenote: The music has switched to
ordinary non-Mission-Impossible music

They have a car crash & Wistrom gets
out of the wrecked car chased by Ethan.
Wistrom jumps onto a passing truck &
reveals he was wearing a facemask as
he escapes. That part I don't follow.

Sandstrom clears. Ethan & William have
a fight. Ethan leaves & says he's going
to meet a friend. Turns out William once
was an agent following Julia & Ethan in

Julia was killed (or was she? see below)
& Ethan was arrested for killing 6 Serbian
nationals in cold blood (revenge for the
death of his wife?).

After some meetings & interchanges,
they go to India (Mumbai, formerly called
Bombay) in search of the nuclear codes.
The Russian chasing Ethan ends up there.

William, Ethan, & agent Carter get to Wis-
trom & his companion after they launched
an atomic missile. They are trying to abort
the missile somehow. Dunn kills Wistrom.
The atomic bomb lands in San Francisco
but is at the last second 'turned off' so it
doesn't explode.

The Russian meets with Ethan & seems
to concur that Ethan was worthy. The
team celebrates at the end. I give it a
thumbs up 75 as the Burj Khalifi scenes
were classic in a series of movies that
seems to thrive on high buildings.

At the end it seems Julia's death was
not real, & she's in hiding. She's seen
from a distance wherever they are (San
Francisco?) & Ethan & Julia make eye
contact & he & she smile & wave to
each other.

Ethan told William that Ethan & Julia
had to remain apart to maintain her

As the movie ends, Ethan gets another
assignment as he walks into the fog
& disappears.

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - Mission Impossible 4 (of 8) Ghost Protocol


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