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OT - Mission Impossible 6 (of 8) Fallout


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Subject: OT - Mission Impossible 6 (of 8) Fallout
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 by: observer - Sat, 22 Apr 2023 00:40 UTC

Opens with Ethan marrying Julia in an
idyllic setting, turns out to be a dream
ending in a nightmare that Ethan wakes
up from, in a building in Belfast. A large
envelope is delivered. It contains a video
labelled Homer's Odyssey.

Sidenote: All actors that appeared in
episode 6 & other episodes they were in:

Tom Cruise - IMF agent Ethan Hunt, all episodes
Simon Pegg - IMF agent Benji Dunn, episodes 3, 4, 5, & 6
Rebecca Ferguson - MI6 agent Ilsa Faust, episodes 5 & 6
Ving Rhames - IMF agent Luther Stickell, all episodes
Sean Harris - Arch enemy/villain Solomon Lane, episodes 5 & 6
Alec Baldwin - Director of CIA Alan Hunley, episodes 5 & 6
Kristoffer Joner - Nils Delbruuk, Norwegian nuclear weapons specialist
Henry Cavill - August Walker / John Lark, an assassin working
for Sloane in the Special Activities Division of the CIA sent to
monitor Ethan and his team, episode 6
Angela Bassett - Erika Sloane, new Director of CIA
Michelle Monaghan - Julia
Vanessa Kirby - The White Widow, arms dealer Alanna Mitsopolis
Wes Bentley - Erik, Julia's new husband
Frederick Schmidt - Zola (Alanna's brother)
Wolf Blitzer - Playing himself as CNN anchor, episode 6

The video contains an IMF message about
Soloman Lane's Syndicate continuing to
wreak havoc around the globe. The CIA
Special Activities Division has hunted the
Syndicate operatives but many remain.
They now call themselves "The Apostles."

They caused a smallpox outbreak in Kash-
mir. An extremist John Lark has written a
manifesto calling for the destruction of the
current world order & has hired the Apostles.
Lark is believed to have taken Norwegian
nuclear weapons specialist Nils Delbruuk.

3 plutonium cores have been stolen from
a missile base in eastern Russia. Lark &
the Apostles are trying to acquire func-
tioning nuclear weapons.

Sidenote: Man, this is a long dissertaion,
the longest of any MI episode.

Ethan's job is to prevent the Apostles from
acquiring the plutonium.

Jumps to Dunn & Ethan in Berlin. They're
attempting to buy the stolen plutonium
cores. The sellers show Ethan & Dunn
the plutonium cores. Someone shoots
the 3 guys who have the plutonium cores.

Unfortunately, the Apostles have stolen
the money Luther had brought to buy the
plutonium & talks to Ethan via the earpiece
Ethan was communicating to/from Luther

They give Ethan a choice, give the Apos-
tles the plutonium or they will kill Luther.
Ethan fires at the Apostles & Luther is
protected by a bullet-proof vest. Unfor-
tunately, while dealing with the gunfire,
the Apostles stole the plutonium.

Later (unknown how much time passed),
3 atomic bombs go off at the Vatican, in
Jerusalem, & in Mecca, close to the same
time. (the news comes via a broadcast by
Wolf Blitzer - turns out that was Dunn with
a facemask pretending to be Wolf Blitzer, ...

.... and the bombings haven't actually oc-
curred, just part of a plot to try to get the
plutonium from the Apostles).

Ethan & Luther (in acting mode, just pre-
tending to try to fool the following) meet
with Nils Delbruuk who is in a hospital.
The pretend Wolf Blitzer reads Nils' mani-
festo on TV, & Nils types in a password ...

.... so they can access Nils' secret informa-
tion about the bombs.

Credits role with Mission Impossible theme
song. They're showing a lot of scenes from
the movie as the credits roll.

I usually go into great detail on what happens
during the movie, but this time I decided to
watch the movie & I had planned to come
back & write the details, but near-the-end ...

.... imagine the scariest highest death-risking
along with a 15 minute countdown requiring
2 nuclear bombs being defused & Ethan in
a helicopter chasing another helicopter trying
to get the detonator required to prevent the
bombs from going off & crashing into that ...

.... helicopter followed by Ethan climbing up
a sheer cliff & getting to the detonator with
close to 1 second left & all of this to prevent
2 nuclear bombs from going off which simul-
taneously had to be defused by Ethan's team
members to prevent the deaths of the IMF ...

.... team (Luther, Dunn, Ilsa Faust) & Ethan's ex-
wife Julia who, along with her new husband,
were there due to being manipulated into be-
ing there by Ethan's arch enemy August Walker.

The scariest most frightening 15 minutes imag-
inable that weren't in a horror movie. Thumbs up
99, the best Mission Impossible of the series.
Perhaps there may be romance 'tween Ilsa &
Ethan in the upcoming movies as Rebecca
Ferguson will be in both movies.

Sidenote: The next 2 Mission Impossible movies:

o Mission: Impossible 7 (of 8) Dead Reckoning
... Part One, on July 14, 2023

o Mission: Impossible 8 (of 8) – Dead Reckoning
... Part Two, on June 28, 2024

Purportedly, Dead Reckoning Part Two will be Tom
Cruise's last Mission Impossible (Tom will be 61
July 3, 2023)

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - Mission Impossible 6 (of 8) Fallout


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