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 by: observer - Mon, 24 Apr 2023 22:06 UTC

40 years ago, 1983, about 5 minutes 'til
the end of the movie, characters played
by Rebecca de Mornay & Tom Cruise are
discussing where they will be 10 years
from then, Rebecca saying ...

.... "You know what I think? I think we're
both gonna make it big."

40 years later, Rebecca has a net worth
of $11 million & Tom has a net worth of
$600 million.

Risky Business, fun with a high school
senior meeting up with a hooker, having
the misfortune to have his dad's Porsche
end up in a lake, & with the hooker's help
making enough to pay for ? (not sure ...

.... what was involved in getting the Porsche
back in shape) & buying back all his parent's
possessions that were stolen by the hooker's
pimp. I give it a thumbs up 90 as it has held
up well over 40 years. Interesting that in the
car chase scene, neither car ran thru any ...

.... red lights, but they did run through 2 stop
signs + Tom running thru 1 stop sign on a
bike. In real life, crash risk would've been
high on those 3 incidents of running thru
blind stop signs (impossible to see either
right or left).

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