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It's like deja vu all over again. -- Yogi Berra

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OT - Tomorrow Never Dies


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 by: observer - Tue, 25 Apr 2023 02:34 UTC

1997 version of long-running James Bond
007 movies series, the 18th of of the 25 007
movies as of 2023, per the following list:

I liked it, giving it a 75 thumbs up. However,
its plot that tried to give credence to an indi-
vidual trying to stir up a war 'tween China &
Great Britain for of all things, becoming the
Chinese media mogul at the risk of a world
war, a far-fetched plot to say the least.

Female lead Teri Hatcher beautiful as always
but unfortunately her character killed early in
the movie by the villain, her husband.

The other female lead who ended up with Bond
at the end, Michelle Yeoh, played a stand-offish
Chinese spy who distanced herself from Bond
'til the very end.

The underwater scenes, I'm not a fan of under-
water scenes so those parts were lacking. The
exciting scene with Bond & the Chinese spy es-
caping a killer helicopter via motorcycle, very
well-done / exciting.

A contribution to the movie by Q, a super BMW,
another exciting scene with Bond controlling the
vehicle via remote control. Q, as played by Des-
mond Llewelyn, appeared in just 1 more James
Bond movie prior to his death at the age of 85
in a head-on traffic collision. He appeared in 17
of the first 19 James Bond movies.

Next James Bond movie?

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sport / / OT - Tomorrow Never Dies


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