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sport / / Non-network Cowboys draft coverage?

o Non-network Cowboys draft coverage?observer

Non-network Cowboys draft coverage?


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Subject: Non-network Cowboys draft coverage?
From: (observer)
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 by: observer - Thu, 27 Apr 2023 15:04 UTC

The following article recommends that
Cowboys fans watch the draft via non-
network entities:

April 27 2023

.... a few reasons why, if you're a Cowboys
fan, you should watch Dallas Cowboys
content during the draft instead of the
shows on mainstream networks.

.... The main difference is that the content
created by and for Cowboys fans will keep
you up to speed on if and how each move
impacts the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys
will be at the center of the conversation ... .

For example, the hosts of The Draft Show
(produced by the Dallas Cowboys) have
spent the last few months discussing pros-
pects and doing draft analysis on their semi-
weekly show.

NFL Draft Coverage at

[see article for links to other entities
posting 'live' about the Cowboys during
the draft]

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sport / / Non-network Cowboys draft coverage?


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