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Late Cowboys draft rumors


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Subject: Late Cowboys draft rumors
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 by: observer - Thu, 27 Apr 2023 22:27 UTC

Some articles assert the Cowboys will draft
one of the tight ends at spot 26. The follow-
ing article claims that Cowboys fans were
asked who they wanted to draft, & they claim
that 65% want the Cowboys to draft an offen-
sive lineman:

Hard to tell what's true & what's not as rumors
are flying & I suspect the amount of guessing &
false claims far surpasses the amount of legiti-
mate truths being conveyed right now. A couple
of articles think the Cowboys will draft DE/OLB
Will McDonald IV.

Mickey Spagnola's assertion the Cowboys will
draft the highest player remaining at the 26th
pick on their draft board, probably true unless
one of the articles claiming the Cowboys will
make a trade (for a player or higher pick or
multiple lower picks) comes true.

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sport / / Late Cowboys draft rumors


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