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Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. -- W. C. Fields

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Eagles top pick risks


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Re: Eagles top pick risks


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Subject: Re: Eagles top pick risks
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On Friday, April 28, 2023 at 2:42:00 PM UTC-5, observer wrote:

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April 28 2023

.... the off-the-field stuff has been a topic of much scrutiny
and debate.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio dropped a bombshell report
on April 28 that blasted Carter’s character. In it, the former
college standout is accused of clashing with coaches and
being a bad influence in the locker room.

The 6-foot-3, 314-pounder didn’t appear to have a ton of
fans on the Georgia coaching staff, per NFL Network’s Ian
Rapoport, and people chose to bite their tongues ahead of
the draft instead of going on record and ruining Carter’s car-
eer before it started. Here is a snippet of what was said:

When it comes to defensive tackle Jalen Carter, the word
making the rounds before the draft was that the Georgia
coaches did not have nice things to say. (We specifically
decided not to mention any of that until after he was picked,
so as not to participate in the pre-draft effort to get guys to

.... General manager Howie Roseman was forced to answer
a bevy of questions regarding Carter’s character. Remem-
ber, he was arrested on reckless driving and racing charges
stemming from an incident that killed two people in a tragic
car crash.

[an incident? a car crash that killed Georgia football player
Devin Willock and recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy was
a devastating tragedy, & Jalen Carter racing LeCroy is inap-
priately referred to as "an incident".

Photos of Georgia football player Devin Willock and
recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy, killed in a car
race with an SUV driven by Jalen Carter: ]

Carter was exonerated [NO, he wasn't exonerated, he was
convicted/sentenced to 12 months of probation, a $1,000
fine and 80 hours of community service and will attend a
state-approved defensive driving course.

"If the investigation had determined otherwise, Mr. Carter
would have been charged with the far more serious offen-
ses of vehicular homicide & serious injury by vehicle under
Georgia law, both felony offenses, and would have faced a
lengthy prison sentence." Begs the question, Jalen's being
in a car race with LeCroy, what distinguishes him from ...

.... being charged with vehicular homicide/serious injury &
being charged with a misdemeanor; was his being a star
football player on a national championship football team
the illegitimate excuse for him not having the much more
severe charge?

Body cam footage of Jalen Carter after the crash; he
shows no remorse/regret/responsibility for racing the
car that crashed (audio of what Jalen said is barely
discernable, can't understand much of what he says): ]

[A BLATANT COVER-UP (IMO), protecting a star foot-
ball player who was, in fact, racing the car that crashed
& the car that crashed estimated to be going 100 MPH,
Jalen close behind so he had to be going nearly that
fast, way over the speed limit, allowed to plea to a mis-
demeanor, protected by authorities in Georgia more ...

.... concerned about protecting a star football player
on a national championship football team than justice
for the 2 killed individuals he was racing; the report
says LeCroy was over twice the legal alcohol limit,
begs the question "Why the hell was Jalen Carter ...

.... racing an illegally over-the-legal-alcohol limit (more
than double over the limit) individual - did he not notice
she was intoxicated & WHY THE HELL was he car rac-
ing an illegally more than double over-the-legal-alcohol
limit individual? TOTAL IRRESPONSIBILITY!"]

.... Ian Rapoport of NFL Media hinted at that last night
after Carter became the 9th overall pick in the draft.
We’ve heard it more bluntly and strongly. Members of
the Georgia coaching staff are not Jalen Carter fans,
and they weren’t bashful about saying so.

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sport / / Eagles top pick risks


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