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OT - Sperm donor maximum?


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Subject: OT - Sperm donor maximum?
From: (observer)
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 by: observer - Mon, 1 May 2023 01:18 UTC

Among the many things I've given no
thought to prior to seeing reports about
it, I wonder what the laws are regarding
maximum sperm donations?

April 28 2023

Dutch court bans sperm donor who
fathered at least 550 children

The court noted that under Dutch guidelines,
sperm donors are allowed to produce a
maximum of 25 children with 12 mothers.

Per the ancient superstition promoted in
the bible, "Be fruitful and multiply" I sup-
pose the individual in the above article
got carried away and as for the Dutch sup-
posed max not being enforced, I have no
idea how that happened. Perhaps he ...

.... lied about having fathered other chil-
dren & Dutch laws don't restrict an indi-
vidual from doing what he did or other
responsible parties allowed it to happen.

As for the ancient superstitions promoted
in the bible, refer to the following for the
dangers inherent in relying on ancient out-
dated anti-human literature:

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sport / / OT - Sperm donor maximum?


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