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OT - The Americans TV show


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Subject: OT - The Americans TV show
From: (observer)
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 by: observer - Mon, 1 May 2023 06:08 UTC

Watching the TV show for the 2nd time &
this time I was especially disturbed by the
murder of a female & her husband. The fe-
male had, at the age of 16, killed Soviet pri-
soners as Nazis had invaded her town, un-
clear if she had any choice even though ...

.... the TV show was written in a way that
blamed her for that but her husband knew
nothing about that. They both were mur-
dered in cold blood.

Many disturbing murders on that show, and
for some reason, this one I had forgotten
about but found disturbing. Of course, the
most disturbing, the shooting of Nina in the
back of the head in prison, suddenly, but ...

.... many other murders, including one by an
FBI agent, another shot in the back of the
head of Nina's innocent friend, disturbing.
That FBI agent chose to send Nina to a
Soviet prison, turning his back on his lover.

This time around, too disturbing for me, so
I stopped watching it at Season 12 episode 5,
and give it an overall thumbs down 50.

All the Deaths in The Americans

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sport / / OT - The Americans TV show


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