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sport / / OT - 2023 U.S. States Rankings (NFL teams in each state)

o OT - 2023 U.S. States Rankings (NFL teams in each state)observer

OT - 2023 U.S. States Rankings (NFL teams in each state)


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 by: observer - Tue, 2 May 2023 22:21 UTC

(corrected re-post as I forgot to use
the new Washington D.C. team name
& also misspelled their old team name;
seems I'm prone to make at least one
mistake on almost every post lately)

Best States Rankings

Some states shine in health care. Some soar
in education. Some excel in both – or in much
more. The Best States rankings by U.S. News
draw on thousands of data points to measure
how well states are performing for their citizens.

In addition to health care & education, the rank-
ings take into account a state’s economy; its
roads, bridges, internet & other infrastructure;
its public safety; its natural environment; the
fiscal stability of state government; & the op-
portunity it affords its residents.

Sidenote: Alaska is a good example of how
rankings can be misleading; Its natural envir-
onment ranking is 44th due to air & water
quality issues in its sparse populated areas
(only 3 cities make up almost half the popu-
lation) but Alaska is the last great wilderness ...

.... in the U.S.; civilization has only encroached
on about 160,000 acres of its 365 million acres.
This is less than 1/20th of 1% of the State, the
rest is untouched wilderness.

Alaska has the 12th-highest income per the
following U.S. state rankings in 2019, but U.S.
News has Alaska ranked at 46th in Economy.


Rankings: Overall (NFL teams in each state)

1. Utah
2. Washington (Seattle Seahawks)
3. Idaho
4. Nebraska
5. Minnesota (Minnesota Vikings)
6. New Hampshire
7. Iowa
8. Wisconsin (Green Bay Packers)
9. Vermont
10. Florida (Jacksonville Jaguars,
...... Tampa Bay Bucs, Miami Dolphins)

11. Massachusetts (New England Patriots)
12. South Dakota
13. Virginia
14. North Dakota
15. Colorado (Denver Broncos)
16. Connecticut
17. North Carolina (Carolina Panthers)
18. Delaware
19. New Jersey (2 New York teams, Jets
...... & Giants, play in New Jersey)
20. New York (Buffalo Bills, New York Jets
...... & New York Giants play in New Jersey)

21. Georgia (Atlanta Falcons)
22. Maryland (Baltimore Ravens + a D.C.
...... team, Washington Commanders, plays
...... in Maryland)
23. Oregon
24. Tennessee (Tennessee Titans)
25. Montana
26. Wyoming
27. Kansas (Kansas City Chiefs play in
...... Missouri)
28. Maine
29. Indiana (Indianapolis Colts)
30. Missouri (Kansas City Chiefs play
...... in Missouri)

31. Hawaii
32. Rhode Island
33. California (Los Angeles Rams, Los
...... Angeles Chargers, San Francisco
...... 49ers)
34. Ohio (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati
...... Bengals)
35. Texas (Dallas Cowboys, Houston
...... Texans)
36. Illinois (Chicago Bears)
37. Arizona (Arizona Cardinals)
38. Nevada (Las Vegas Raiders)
39. Kentucky
40. Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Steelers,
...... Philadelphia Eagles)

41. Michigan (Detroit Lions)
42. South Carolina
43. Oklahoma
44. Alabama
45. Arkansas
46. West Virginia
47. New Mexico
48. Mississippi
49. Alaska
50. Louisiana (New Orleans Saints)

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - 2023 U.S. States Rankings (NFL teams in each state)


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