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o OT - U.S. Top 10 underlying causes of death in 2022observer

OT - U.S. Top 10 underlying causes of death in 2022


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Subject: OT - U.S. Top 10 underlying causes of death in 2022
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 by: observer - Fri, 5 May 2023 22:00 UTC

1. Heart disease
2. Cancer
3. Unintentional injury
4. Covid-19
5. Stroke
6. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
7. Alzheimer disease
8. Disparate High Glucose Conditions*
9. Kidney disease
10. Chronic liver disease & cirrhosis

*Unfortunately, the CDC tosses all 7
Disparate High Glucose Conditions
into a single category 'neath the old
obsolete misleading confusing name
diabetes; since the overwhelming ma-
jority of people with a DHGC have ...

.... Cellosis (new superior clarifying name
for type 2 diabetes), it's accurate to pre-
sume that the overwhelming majority of
death from the 7 DHGCs is caused by
Cellosis; also note that having any DHGC
increases the risk of dying from the other ...

.... leading causes of death, the degree of
increase varying based on the degree to
which one's DHGC is diagnosed early &
accurately & is dealt with by keeping glu-
cose levels as close as safely possible to
what they were prior to getting a DHGC; ...

.... however, the risk of those with Islit doing
that is that even with an advanced insulin
pump & integrated basil-dosage-changing
Dexcom G6 CGM, from time-to-time one
can find oneself with dangerously low over-
night glucose levels one is unaware of, ...

.... raising the risk of death from a severe
low (that happened to me last night; in
addition to Islit, I also suffer from nocturia,
almost always ...

.... waking up & having to urinate several
times during overnight sleep). However,
for reasons unknown, last night I didn't
awaken once, & woke up with a glucose
level dangerously low due having set my
insulin pump to manual & mistakenly not ...

.... turning that setting off prior to going to
sleep. Fortunately, I didn't die and as the
saying goes, sometimes it's better to be
lucky than good. Oh well, as we with Islit
always say, "Life's a bitch & then you die" ...

.... -&- "Everyone with Islit is on manual
pilot at all times as the exigencies of
natural law fucked us with an incurable
(thus far) disease (Islit) & a fucked up
treatment (exogenous insulin) requiring
never-ending monitoring & insulin dosing ...

.... guessing to deal with having a fucked
up pancreas," & every single entity that
tells us to "control" our disease is either
oblivious to or pretentiously lying about
&/or in denial regarding how fucking dif-
ficult (i.e., practically impossible) that is
with current technology.

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - U.S. Top 10 underlying causes of death in 2022


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