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OT - Frequencies Full Movie 2014 | The Manual


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 by: observer - Mon, 8 May 2023 23:21 UTC

(re-post to fix a few typos or to put
it another way, to alter the impact
of the original post such that the
annoying typos/grammatical errors
are no longer causing imperfections)

This movie popped up on youtube. I had
never heard of it. Since it got a rare 100%
from 7 critics at rotten tomatoes, looking
at it intriguingly, I gave it a chance. General
audience score = 76%.

Youtube movie link for Frequencies:

It opened with a young girl & a young boy
meeting & going through life up to a point
they touched & kissed for the first time.
Then, it goes back and looks at the life
of the young boy as he grows up, with
the girl appearing sometimes, & with ...

.... the boy & the girl having more than
1 meeting per year.

The two, by the way, exist in a world in
which each one's frequency determines
their destiny, & the boy (very low fre-
quency, a negative) & girl (very high fre-
quency, generally perceived as a positive)
meet once per year for 1 minute as an

The girl, a side effect of her very high
frequency is a lack of real emotions,
though at times she has the prettiest

The boy's (now teen's) journey ends up
with the scene in which the boy & girl
touched & kissed for the first time 48
minutes into the movie, with 56 min-
utes remaining.

This time, the movie continues going
forward in time, jumping to another
scene in which they're kissing and it
appears they're about to have sex.

Scene shifts to a post-sex impression
after with them lying in bed. The phone
that Zack (the name of the boy/teen)
has with him is repeating the following
text on & off & beeping over & over again:


Beeping stops & he looks & sees some-
thing that might be Marie's (the name of
the girl/teen) diary. Marie wakes up & sees
him walking to it and says "Open it." He
opens it & sees x's & checkmarks in 4
columns page after page.

He says "I don't understand, is it some
type of code? She says "Sometimes a
tic is just a tic. I have a 210 IQ. I never
needed to take notes. I just didn't want
to always have to look at people & have
them looking at me. It's the eyes. I ...

.... could never read people's eyes, not
like other people, and if they looked
into mine too long they'd realize ..."
(she shakes her head, touches Zack,
smiles, and scene ends)

They're walking outside. They miss
a train & she says she's never missed
a train before. Scene jumps to a scene
with her mother & father. She says she
thinks her parents think something bad
is going to happen 'cause Zack is low

In explaining what he did, Zack uses
glasses & wine & taps the glasses &
says words impact the frequencies &
mentions a new type of quantum en-

The mom is skeptical, not liking it, &
the dad is optimistic, saying if every-
one has it, it could end war. Zack goes
to a meeting with Marie's dad & his
team of researchers, discussing what
Zack has come up with.

Zack's phone is labelled OXV & Zack,
Marie, Marie's dad, & her dad's team
arrive at the conclusion that OXV leads
to totally doing what one's partner asks
them to do.

Marie decides that Zack told her to love
him & it appears that throws everyone
in a tizzy. After awhile, scene jumps to
Zack signing a contract, not sure what
he is agreeing to, but Zack's dad seems

Zack & Marie appear to have broken up.
It shows Zack using a computer program
that appears to be some kind of dating
app, & it provides 3 recommendations
that are obviously unacceptable.

35 minutes left in the movie. It appears
to have hit a lull (lowpoint) in the movie.
Zack returns to his apartment & there
are 3 guys who say they're from a gov-
ernment agency. They have 3 questions
for Zack:

o _____ (says a word, not sure what it is
but reflecting on the movie it appears
that saying the word suggested by the
program the government agency is using
causes the person to tell the truth)
Did you steal this technology?

Zack: Shakes his head no.

o ____ (says a word) Did you leak the device's
program or schematics?

Zack: Shakes his head no.

o ____ (says a word) Do you have any plans
of any kind to manipulate the world?

Zack: Looks up (I take that as a no) & says
"Those words make me tell the truth. How do
you know they work?"

Government agent: I've done this before. Now,
how would you like a job?

Scene jump, Zack & the government agent are
entering a classroom that includes everyone
Zack & Marie shared OXV with & Marie is also
there. The government agent says the tech is
now referred to as "The Manual" & "Your task
is to find a way to neutralize the threat which ...

.... the technology known as The Manual poses
to this country."

The agent describes the history of the use of
The Manual, its being turn on & off at various
times. The gang goes about working on how
to neutralize the threat. At one point Marie
& Zack meet & Marie wants Zack to undo his
love command. He tries but it doesn't work.

Zack continues working by himself. 20 min-
utes left in the movie & at one point the gov-
ernment agent tells Zack he's prohibited from
talking. Zack is having flashbacks (memories)
& at one point says "It can't be" as if he has
had a stroke of genius.

Zack goes to see his childhood friend Theo's
father & tells him he must help him & Theo's
father says "Must I?" & hears a door knock &
says "I must." Marie was knocking at Theo's
father's door & shows up & says "They know
your frequency's re-established yourself. ...

.... They know what happens when we're toge-
ther." Zack: "Clever."

Marie: "They know that we should only have
one minute, that fate should push you out."
Zack says "Very clever, what if they're wrong?"
Marie replies "They're going to break down
the door after one minute & five seconds."

Zack: "They're wrong.

Marie: "What?" Theo's father: "Not yet. I've no
desire to repeat myself." Marie: "You're Theo's
father, aren't you?" Marie: "Tell me." (looks at
Zack & back at Theo's father) "Tell me." then
Marie yells "Tell me!"

The government agency breaks in & the gov-
ernment agent says "Nobody say a word."
Marie says "He knows something. He knows
something" while agents say "No talking. No

Theo's father plays the piano. Government
agent says "What are you doing?" Theo's
father says "Giving you what you want. What
Zack here has worked out. The antidote."

Government agent says "And the antidote is?"

Zack says "Music." Theo says "Don't take my
word for it. Try a word." They use a word that
is supposed to get everyone to freeze. It does

Government agent: "Is that special music?"
Theo's father: "Well kind of, it's Mozart. ...
When Mozart plays, we're all the same fre-

[Movie extrapolates about free will, souls,
imagination, fairly deep stuff, nothing that
I relate to, in a conversation 'tween Theo &
his father, supposedly ending up years later
with a mathematical formula that can pre-
dict what will happen in the next 5 minutes.]

[The movie reviews some of the events in
the past & proposes that Theo was a mas-
ter predictor & Theo's dad was a witness,
not sure what the vibrations of items in the
movie that move for some reason were all

A professor is talking to Zack & Marie some
time in the future, talking about feelings.

Theo & Theo's dad are talking. Theo is still
working on perfecting the supposed mathe-
matical formula to know everything. The
movie shows fingers rhythmically tapping,
by multiple people, appearing to be tapping
in unison.

Zack & Marie are talking. They seem to de-
cide something about love & fate that I did
not grasp, Zack saying "Does it matter?"
Marie says "Not really."

Final scene with Theo working on the form-
ula after his dad has left. He says "perfect,"
holds up his hand, everything stops, he says
"I see," -end of movie-

Well, opinions vary on what obviously was
an original crafty movie, I'll give it a thumbs
up 80 for trying to approach deep "meaning
of life" issues even though I didn't really re-
late to the supposed mathematical formula
that was/is somehow apart from free will,

The movie really didn't come close to trying
to bridge 'tween the mysterious realm of the
entire non-classical physics of the tiniest of
tiny quantum realm which seems to be sep-
arate from what we experience as everyday
classical physics/reality & which somehow ...

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