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sport / / OT - 3 reasons why it’s HARD to understand TV without subtitles (& how to fix that)

o OT - 3 reasons why it’s HARD to understand TV withobserver

OT - 3 reasons why it’s HARD to understand TV without subtitles (& how to fix that)


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 by: observer - Sat, 13 May 2023 02:07 UTC

April 2023


Well, she does a really good job of
explaining how a lot of what's on TV
is mumbled, making it hard to under-

Also, she starts with an explanation
of how our brains are handling a lot
more than dialogue when watching
TV, adding to the difficulty in under-
standing the dialogue.

Suffice to say, now I know why I use
subtitles almost all the time & why
so much of audio is so difficult to

She's easy to understand, a great
speaker, but the part where she lost
my attention/interest is when she
tries to get her listeners to suppos-
edly improve their listening skills so
that (she claims) they won't have to
use subtitles.

I'm not down with that as it sounds
like a lot of work & I'm not willing to
follow her instructions (I suspect
most would rather not work at try-
ing to supposedly improve their lis-
tening so subtitles, she claims, aren't

I find that part of her video difficult
to believe & unattractive due to the
work she's asking her listeners to do
to supposedly no longer need to use

Her speech is fantastic, if everyone
on TV spoke as well as she does no
one would ever have to use subtitles
to understand TV dialogue.

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - 3 reasons why it’s HARD to understand TV without subtitles (& how to fix that)


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