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sport / / OT - Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine

o OT - Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraineobserver

OT - Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine


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Subject: OT - Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine
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 by: observer - Sat, 13 May 2023 15:42 UTC

May 13 2023

Germany will provide Ukraine with additional
military aid worth more than 2.7 billion euros
($3 billion), including tanks, anti-aircraft sys-
tems & ammunition, the government said

.... Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that
Berlin wants to show with the latest package
of arms “that Germany is serious in its support”
for Ukraine.

“Germany will provide all the help it can, as long
as it takes,” he said.


Though slow to provide military aid, Germany has
since become one of the biggest suppliers of arms
to Ukraine, crucially giving the green light for deliv-
eries of modern battle tanks like its own Leopard 1
& 2, along with sophisticated anti-aircraft systems
needed to fend off drone & missile attacks.

The new military aid package ... includes 30 Leo-
pard 1 A5 tanks, 20 Marder armored personnel
carriers, more than 100 combat vehicles, 18 self-
propelled Howitzers, 200 reconnaissance drones,
4 IRIS-T SLM anti-aircraft systems & other air de-
fense equipment.

The Ukrainian president ... After meeting Scholz &
other senior officials at the chancellery, the 2 lead-
ers are expected to fly to the western city of Aachen,
where Zelenskyy would receive the International
Charlemagne Prize awarded to him & the people ...

.... of Ukraine. Organizers say the award recognizes
that their resistance against Russia's invasion is a
defense "not just of the sovereignty of their country
& the life of its citizens, but also of Europe & Euro-
pean values.” ...

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sport / / OT - Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine


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