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Mike McCarthy back procedure


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Subject: Mike McCarthy back procedure
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 by: observer - Sun, 14 May 2023 19:53 UTC

Many articles have mentioned Mike McCar-
thy missing the Cowboys mini-camp due to
having a back procedure. Unclear what the
procedure entailed but some articles said
he was participating in the mini-camp via
a virtual connection.

The following article, someone thought it
was important to assert religion into the
picture, saying "NFL Fans Are Praying For
Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy
Following Painful Announcement".


Not sure what pain was involved & as for
praying, the article neglects to notice that
many are not religious, many never pray,
& apart from religion, many have positive
wishes/hopes for others. I haven't found
any article with details on what the back ...

.... procedure was (as to cause, procedure,
recovery time). I suspect whatever pain
was/is involved entails pain medication
& in all events, prayer is simply a super-
stitious religious concoction of make
believe, believe it or not.

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sport / / Mike McCarthy back procedure


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