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I never met a man I didn't want to fight. -- Lyle Alzado, professional football lineman

sport / / How great is Cowboys kicker Brett Maher?

o How great is Cowboys kicker Brett Maher?observer

How great is Cowboys kicker Brett Maher?


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Subject: How great is Cowboys kicker Brett Maher?
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 by: observer - Tue, 23 May 2023 17:42 UTC

Compare Brett to the following:

Justin Tucker has the highest career
field-goal percentage by a kicker, hit-
ting 90.5%.

Brett Maher hit 29 of 32 field goals
in 2022, 90.6% .


Sam Baker has the highest career field-
goal percentage by a kicker of 50+ yards,
58.2% .

Brett Maher hit 9 of 11 50+ yard field
goals in 2022, 81.8% .


In comparison to Justin Tucker, Brett had
a much higher kickoff touchback% in 2022,
78 of 100, 78%, than Justin Tucker, who has
62.6% kickoff touchback% over his career:


29 field goals of 60 yards or more, only 5
kickers have multiple 60 yards or more
field goals in NFL history:

o Brett Maher has set the NFL record of 4,
... his longest of 63 yards is tied for the 3rd
... longest field goal

o Greg Zuerlein has 3

o Justin Tucker has 2 including the longest
... field goal of 66 yards

o Sebastian Janikowski has 2

o Matt Prater has 2:

Per the following, only 5 NFL kickers have ever
been drafted in the 1st round, the only one of
them with any 60+ yard field goals is Sebastian
Janikowski, with 2, Raiders 1st round 17th pick
in 2000.


Compare Brett Maher to the following kicker
who the article asserts is a Cowboys' position
of need.


Inordinate condemnation of Brett Maher for
his missed extra points in a playoff game vs
Bucs that the Cowboys won 31-14. Can any-
one say "didn't matter", who cares if one wins
by 17 or by 21 in a game where the Cowboys
led by 18-0 at the half & never trailed?

Sheesh, much ado about nothing. I submit
the Cowboys biggest mistake of 2023 would
be if they fail to bring back one of the greatest
long distance field goal kickers & high kickoff
touchback% kickers in NFL history !!!

A look at the sports psychology behind
Cowboys kicker Brett Maher and his
missed extra points (vs Bucs)

Kicker Brett Maher had the Yips vs Bucs?
Does he still have it?

One final comment: EVERY NFL player has
a bad day from time to time, EVERY Hall
of Fame player had a bad day from time to
time. Why in the world are the Cowboys ...

.... condemning Brett Maher for having a bad
day that didn't matter one iota? Please, get
over it, all Brett's GREAT days more than
make up for his bad day that didn't matter
vs the Bucs!

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sport / / How great is Cowboys kicker Brett Maher?


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