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sport / / Brandin Cooks is ready to bring explosive play to Dallas

o Brandin Cooks is ready to bring explosive play to Dallasobserver

Brandin Cooks is ready to bring explosive play to Dallas


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Subject: Brandin Cooks is ready to bring explosive play to Dallas
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 by: observer - Sat, 27 May 2023 18:10 UTC

May 27 2023

Brandin Cooks ... believes that’s a big
reason why the Cowboys traded for him
in March.

“I just want to continue to bring that ex-
plosive play,” Cooks told reporters this
week during OTAs. “Being dynamic,
something that they’ve already got, but
just really just want to build on that.”

.... Cooks ... brings his rare speed- some-
thing that has already impressed quar-
terback Dak Prescott- & a fabled work-
out regimen, developed over 9 pro sea-
sons, that has helped him maintain both
his physique & his 4.33 legs. ...


For some reason that article bases its
explosive plays on gains of 16 yards or

The official NFL stats page is more dis-
criminating in their tabulation of explo-
sive plays, showing stats for 20 yards or
more & 40 yards or more. Here's where
the Cowboys ranked in those 2 areas in


Rushing 20+ Cowboys tied for 7th with 17
Super Bowl Chiefs tied for 17th with 10
Super Bowl Eagles tied with Cowboys for 7th with 17

Rushing 40+ Cowboys tied for 8th with 3
Super Bowl Chiefs tied for 22nd with 1
Super Bowl Eagles tied for 18th with 2

Chiefs won Super Bowl 56 without explosive
rushing, whereas Eagles made it to Super
Bowl 56 with explosive rushing akin to what
the Cowboys had in 2022.


Receiving 20+ Cowboys tied for 14th with 50
Super Bowl Chiefs 1st with 73
Super Bowl Eagles 2nd with 63

Receiving 40+ Cowboys tied for 23rd with 5
Super Bowl Chiefs & Eagles tied for 2nd with 13

Both the Eagles & Chiefs had explosive receiving
in 2022.

.... Writer RJ Ochoa, of Blogging the Boys,
wants the Cowboys to pursue DeAndre
Hopkins, per the article.

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sport / / Brandin Cooks is ready to bring explosive play to Dallas


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