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sport / / OT - Ukraine News June 7 2023

o OT - Ukraine News June 7 2023observer

OT - Ukraine News June 7 2023


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 by: observer - Wed, 7 Jun 2023 14:26 UTC

Youtube video June 7 2023, from
The Pioneer, a Youtube Ukraine
news source that has the cutest
young lady providing the news;
she sometimes struggles with
her English, & I find that cute, too

June 7 2023

Ukraine dam destruction live up-
dates: Thousands evacuate flooded

Ten thousand hectares [that = 38.61
square miles] of agricultural land are
expected to flood after the Nova Kak-
hovka dam collapsed, according to
the Ukrainian Agricultural Ministry.

The figure only accounts for the Ukraine-
controlled part of the area, which is the
right side [no, some of the media fails
to point out the Russians are *south*
of the Dnipro River, Ukrainians & Kher-
son City are *north* of the Dnipro River, ...

.... & their describing such areas as left
& right or east & west fail to note that
those terms are confusing/misleading]
of the bank, the ministry said, adding
that it would be "several times more on
the left bank [the Russian side, the *south*
side of the Dnipro River]."

Image pointing out the actual
locations discussed above:

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sport / / OT - Ukraine News June 7 2023


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