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sport / / Mike McCarthy / Dak Prescott "Texas Coast Offense"

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Mike McCarthy / Dak Prescott "Texas Coast Offense"


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 by: observer - Wed, 7 Jun 2023 23:59 UTC

June 7 2023

.... The offense has created a unique layer
that the quarterback room has coined as
the "Texas Coast" offense with its combin-
ation of horizontal concepts that open up
the opposing defense with tempo, pace &
concepts that have worked for the team in
years past.

"This is the Texas Coast, we've just re-named
that," he [Dak Prescott] said. "It's definitely got
some West-Coast principles, but it has a little
bit of what we've done in the past & just mar-
rying them together with a lot of detail into a
system that's not out there."

[cautionary note - this is loaded with off-sea-
son hype, so keep that in mind when consid-
ering whether or not the McCarthy changes
will have as positive an impact as Dak is sug-
gesting it will]

[Sidenote - Since moving from Dallas in 1963,
& living on the Texas coast for most of the
last 60 years, I rather like the Texas Coast
Offense name, now, albeit it remains to be
seen if it will turn out to be as good as Dak
suggests it will be.]

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sport / / Mike McCarthy / Dak Prescott "Texas Coast Offense"


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