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sport / / OT - "Large" Asteroid passes by Earth tomorrow

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OT - "Large" Asteroid passes by Earth tomorrow


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Subject: OT - "Large" Asteroid passes by Earth tomorrow
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 by: observer - Thu, 8 Jun 2023 14:30 UTC

Of course, size & distance are all
relative, one part of the following
article calling the asteroid "mam-
moth", another part saying it's pass-
ing by at a "very close distance".

One person's so-called "very close"
is another person's "far away".

Put another way, that asteroid will
pass at a distance so far away that
you could place over 416 Earths be-
tween where Earth is & where the
asteroid will pass by Earth at its
closest distance to Earth.
June 8 2023

160 foot asteroid to come about
14.87 times farther away than the
closest distance from Earth to the
moon on June 9.

How tall (in stories) is a 160 feet
tall building?

The height of each storey in a building
is based on ceiling height, floor thick-
ness, & building material — with a gen-
eral average of about 14 feet.

160/14 = about 11 & ½ stories tall.

How close will that asteroid come to

3,355,404 miles away, or put another
way, that's 14.87 times farther than
the closest distance to the moon,
which = 225,623 miles.


How far away is the Moon?

When it's closest, the Moon is
225,623 miles away. That's be-
tween 28 and 29 Earths.

When the Moon is the farthest
away, it's 252,088 miles away.
That's almost 32 Earths.

End Sidenote

--- --- ---

sport / / OT - "Large" Asteroid passes by Earth tomorrow


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