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Fearmongering about artificial sweeteners


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Subject: Fearmongering about artificial sweeteners
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 by: observer - Fri, 9 Jun 2023 22:14 UTC

Sometimes it seems like researchers thrive
on stirring up hatred of artificial sweeteners,
with assorted studies purporting that among
the bad things you can do in life, using artifi-
cial sweeteners is so bad that someone ...

.... should put a condemnation of them as if
God (the claimed be-all-end-all of all that is/
was/ever will be) or Allah or whatever you
wish to call the supposed magical super-
being will send folks to hell for using them.

Make it an 11th commandment, add it to
your bible/quran/other so-called holy docu-
ments: "Thou shalt not consume artificial
sweeteners." Such is the nature of the pro-
fusive researcher & media past-time of try-
ing to scare people about artificial sweet-

The latest fearmongering? Sucralose, loads
of fearmongering focused on sucralose.
Here's an article countering all that:

- - -
June 9 2023

Artificial Sweeteners Are Basically Fine,
So Why Are We So Desperate to Find
Something Wrong With Them?

A new study has kicked off another round
of misleading media coverage.
- - -

On a predictable schedule, there’s a head-
line that makes you spit out your Diet Coke.
This week, it’s that sucralose, the artificial
sweetener found in Splenda, as well as Diet
Coke with Splenda has been found to be
“genotoxic,” meaning it can break down ...

.... DNA, which is widely accepted as some-
thing that’s not good and can lead to un-
pleasant things like leaky gut syndrome.

But not so fast. Epidemiologist Gideon
Meyerowitz-Katz wrote a piece in response
to the study and the glut of “extremely mis-
leading” media coverage that followed. He
noted that the study took place in petri ...

.... dishes, and said that it would take chug-
ging 50,000 cans of Diet Rite Cola over two
hours to reach the specific sucralose con-
centration levels where DNA damage was
found to occur in the study.

Agnostic of any health benefits or deleteri-
ous effects, artificial sweeteners are a guar-
anteed source of panic whenever a study
pops up. Last February, artificial sweeteners
found themselves under the media micro-
scope when erythritol, another popular ...

.... artificial sweetener, was linked to cardio-
vascular events in a study published in Nature.

In a bipartisan display of fear, both CNN and
Fox News covered the study, warning of the
devastating effects of the very scary-sound-
ing sugar alcohol, erythritol. Some experts
expressed a deep skepticism about the study,
including Dr. Peter Attia, who wrote that there ...

.... was “no need for alarm,” while poking holes
in the study’s methodology, though acknowledg-
ing that he and his patients do not prefer this
sweetener given its “non-trivial gastrointestinal
side effects.”

Researcher and registered dietician Kevin Klatt
also went long on the study’s shortcomings in
a Substack post.

“If you see this and think, it’s time to scare every-
one away from using any erythritol ever, you might
be putting the cart before the horse and probably
just selling clicks or bolstering a fearmongery well-
ness brand that has folks micro-optimizing every
aspect of their lives,” wrote Klatt.

Both Attia and Klatt mention fearmongering in
their analysis (both also pointed out that we natur-
ally produce erythritol) and the gist was the same:
the study’s coverage was making a whole lot out
of nothing.

We know there is one sweetener linked to weight
gain, dental decay, [the article erred in using the
outdated inaccurate misleading word diabetes
inappropriately, clarification follows: Preventable
Cellosis which is the overwhelming Disparate High
Glucose Condition that well over 90% of people with ...

.... a Disparate High Glucose Condition have], and a
whole host of other issues: sugar [that's just one of
the many contributions to getting Preventable Cel-
losis, including other weight-increase-causing foods
& insufficient exercise]

[non-preventable Cellosis & the other 6 Disparate
High Glucose Conditions are NOT caused by diet/
weight/sugar/exercise issues] ...

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER, I got Insulinitis
(Islit) which was caused by Insulitis at age 5
in March 1961, requiring multiple exogenous
insulin doses to try to stay alive. There are
15 specific types of rapid-onset Islit.

There is 1 specific type of slow-onset Islit,
Latent Autoimmune Islit, also unpreventable
& nonreversible (thus far).

- - -

Insulin / Insulin Pump / CGM I use

Fiasp Ultra-Fast-Acting Insulin in a
tubeless Omnipod insulin pump catheter
placed into skin / pod with adhesive
stuck onto skin every 80 hours, control
via PDM (Personal Data Manager)

Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

- - -

C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation

Glucose Anomalies Research regarding
Potential Cures / Improvements in Treatments

- - -

o Preventable Cellosis is the only specific
type of Disparate High Glucose Condition
that is preventable & reversible (in many,
sometimes it's called type 2 diabetes, often
confusingly called diabetes with no clarifier)

Risk for Preventable Cellosis, Hypertension,
& Cardiovascular Disease increases as one's
weight increases but BMI risk increases at
lower BMI levels in non-white individuals:

o PreCellosis (often confusingly called predia-
betes with no clarifier) is the oft-times preven-
table & reversible Cellosis precondition that all-
too-often the overwhelming majority having it
are unaware they have it

o 20 specific types of Cellosis, unpreventable
& nonreversible (thus far, sometimes called
type 2 diabetes, all-too-often confusingly called
diabetes with no clarifier)

Per the following article, 5.3% with Cellosis
used exogenous insulin in 2019.

- - -

o 4 other Disparate High Glucose Conditions
exist (Gestational Cellosis, Diminosis, Neonatal
Diminosis, Ohiglucons), all 7 DHGCs fully des-
cribed in the following article:

Logic and reasoning behind ceasing using
confusing / misleading / misinforming diabetes
& diabetic & reactive hypoglycemia words and
phrases, replacing all of that with vastly superior
clarifying names:

Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst

- - -

Stop Diabetes/Diabetic Confusion
with New Superior Clarifying Terms

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

sport / / Fearmongering about artificial sweeteners


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