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Ever feel like life was a game and you had the wrong instruction book?

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OT - Uzbekistan


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 by: observer - Mon, 12 Jun 2023 17:16 UTC

For some reason, I knew next-to-nothing
about Uzbekistan prior to watching the
following Natasha's Adventures youtube

Exploring UZBEKISTAN | Cities,
mountains, the Uzbek language,
and amazing food
June 8 2023

In this video I'll tell you about my one week
journey to Uzbekistan. Together with my
friends Dasha & Slava I visited the capital,
Tashkent, the mountains, & the beautiful
cities of Samarkand & Bukhara.

I learnt so much about the country & I'm
excited to share it with you! One of the
things I found unique is the Uzbek lan-
guage, how it's related to other Turkic
languages, & how they use different
alphabets for it.

I also visited the subway & a supermarket
to show you local prices. And, of course,
Uzbek cuisine!

I will tell you about the dishes such as
beshbarmak, samsa & plov, they are ab-
solutely delicious!

[Also, among all the Uzbek food, Ameri-
can Pepsi for the most part & also Coca-
Cola appeared (I didn't see any Diet Pepsi
or Diet Coke mentioned).]

Uzbekistan (wikipedia)

Uzbekistan map,54.006044,5z

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sport / / OT - Uzbekistan


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