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sport / / BANG: Warriors’ season hinges on Steph Curry’s uncertain right ankle injury

o BANG: Warriors’ season hinges on Steph Curry’s uncertain right ankle injuryAllen

BANG: Warriors’ season hinges on Steph Curry’s uncertain right ankle injury


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 by: Allen - Sat, 9 Mar 2024 03:52 UTC

Warriors’ season hinges on Steph Curry’s uncertain right ankle injury
The severity of Curry's ankle injury isn't yet known

>Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) grimaces in pain after
rolling his ankle in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls,
Thursday, March 7, 2024, at Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif. Curry
left the game after the play. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

Danny Emerman is a Bay Area News Group sports reporter
By DANNY EMERMAN | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: March 7, 2024 at 11:38 p.m. | UPDATED: March 8, 2024 at 7:00 a.m.

SAN FRANCISCO — A blue bucket of ice and a hardly touched pink smoothie
sat in front of Steph Curry’s locker. Team employees transferred his
belongings to a back room, out of sight from reporters. The mood among
the team was a mix of cautious optimism, nervous energy and veteran

Curry, the two-time MVP and face of the Warriors franchise, rolled his
right ankle late in Thursday night’s 125-122 lossThursday night’s
125-122 loss to the Chicago Bulls. He limped heavily off the court and
headed straight to the locker room with 3:51 left. Not much was known
right after the game, and the uncertainty will cloud over the team until
he gets a firm diagnosis and timetable. As the Warriors (33-29) fight to
escape the play-in tournament, the rest of the season will turn on the
axis of the ligaments in Curry’s ankle.

“His spirits are high, we’ll see,” Draymond Green said postgame. “I
think he may get an MRI.”

Curry rolled his right ankle on a drive in the game’s waning minutes,
shortly after taking a key charge. He wasn’t available to the media
postgame. Steve Kerr said he hadn’t yet talked to the training staff and
only knew that Curry had his foot in a bucket of ice.

Still playing at an elite level in his 15th season, Curry remains as
indispensable to the Warriors as ever. He has played in all but three
games this season, earning his 10th All-Star selection while averaging
27.2 points per game. Two ankle surgeries and chronic injuries
threatened Curry’s early career, but he’s otherwise been mostly healthy.

He’s the fulcrum of the Warriors’ offense that leverages the gravity of
his shooting and off-ball movement. Losing him at this point in the
season, with 20 games remaining and every night representing a chance to
move up or down the Western Conference standings, could be brutal. And
it seems like some are bracing for him to be sidelined.

“I know we’re going to miss him if he does have time off,” Klay Thompson
said of his longtime backcourt partner. “We’ve been in this position
before where he has had time off and we just got to do it collectively.
I know he’ll be ready to go when he does come back, whenever that is. We
just want to wish him a speedy recovery and to take his time.”

Before the Bulls game, Kerr noted that his team was finally healthy for
the first time since the very start of the season. Thursday was the
second game he had a full complement of players within the structure of
their newfound identity: starting Draymond Green at center and Brandin
Podziemski in Klay Thompson’s place.

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All that continuity and identity gets tossed aside if Curry isn’t a part
of it. If Curry misses time, the Warriors will likely have to change the
way they play. Chris Paul, one of the greatest point guards of all time,
will determine more possessions. Perhaps Kerr will putThompson back into
the starting lineup for more spacing.

“No one is Steph Curry,” Green said. “That definitely will change
things, but we know the sets that we like to get to with Chris in the
game and what he is great at. We will do more of what he’s great at.”

Paul is 38 years old and just recently came back from a fractured hand.
While he’s been effective when healthy this year, throwing together a
spread pick-and-roll offense around him on the fly probably isn’t
tenable. Running split actions without the threat of Curry’s perimeter
shooting won’t be as effective. Trusting Podziemski and Jonathan Kuminga
with more playmaking duties, in the home stretch of the season, could be

The options, of course, will be worse if Curry has to miss time. But
they’ll have no choice but to find away.

“If he is out, that’s unfortunate, but it’s part of it,” Thompson said.
“With the length of the season, it’s hard to play every game, especially
without having minor injuries. We’ll do well without him. We’ll rely on
our history and how to execute.”

sport / / BANG: Warriors’ season hinges on Steph Curry’s uncertain right ankle injury


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