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It gets late early out there. -- Yogi Berra

sport / / Kawakami on the "Warriors' post-'22 story"

o Kawakami on the "Warriors' post-'22 story"Robin Miller

Kawakami on the "Warriors' post-'22 story"


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From: robin.mi...@invalid.invalid (Robin Miller)
Subject: Kawakami on the "Warriors' post-'22 story"
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2024 16:50:56 -0400
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 by: Robin Miller - Wed, 20 Mar 2024 20:50 UTC

Tim Kawakami @timkawakami

The Warriors' post-'22 story started out this way, went to some wild
places, but the main cause of the mediocrity remains the same:

The collapse of the 20-somethings who were so important during the title
run: Poole, Wiggins, Looney.

There are other factors. This is the biggest

12:43 PM ยท Mar 20, 2024

sport / / Kawakami on the "Warriors' post-'22 story"


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